Madshus Panorama M62 length recommendations

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Re: Madshus Panorama M62 length recommendations

Post by lilcliffy » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:17 pm

The skin on top of "hard" grip waxes or glide waxes will not negatively affect the skin adhesive.

You want a base prep (grip or glide wax) that you can apply the skin directly on top of.
(I generally use a very hard(cold) grip wax as my base layer.)
(Many use glide wax as their base layer.)
(I have a thread in the Wiki section of the site on my approach to waxing my backcountry Nordic touring skis.)

Grip/kick wax does not bond well to glide wax.

You could choose not to apply a base wax to the kicker skin section- applying kickwax of the day only to that section.
I personally prefer to use very hard grip wax on the entire base- this preference is both a product of the terrain and snow I ski on as well as the typical mid-winter temperatures.

For example- I find that there is an absolute sweet spot where Swix Polar both grips and glides well ~ -15C to -25C where I don't need to apply any kick wax at all! In my midwinter I can often get week-or-two stretches with excellent kick, climbing traction and glide with a Polar base alone! (I had about 12 days of these conditions earlier in February.)

I avoid soft kick waxes and the skin. If I move to a soft kick wax or klister then I scrape it off before putting on the skin.
I always test the performance of the kicker skin before moving to a soft kick wax or klister.
In my shoulder season skiing- late fall/early spring- I often move to soft wax and/or klister alone and/or waxless scaled skis- that way I don't have to constantly be taking skins on and off in low-vertical New Brunswick hills and "mountains".

To completely remove wax I use this process:
- heat and scrape
- then use a wax remover (I use goo-gone)

It has been years since I competely stripped the base of one of my Nordic touring skis.
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Re: Madshus Panorama M62 length recommendations

Post by rickjamesbrown » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:29 pm

Great info! Thanks!

One more: the intelligrip skins - how many times can you typically apply and remove them before the glue doesn't work anymore?

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Re: Madshus Panorama M62 length recommendations

Post by wabene » Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:46 am

I have the m50's with the recessed integrated skins and the glide is fantastic. Like a waxed ski. I imagine the recessed nature of that setup is the reason why. Now the Madshus transition skin has a completely recessed leading edge and the Fischer Easy Skin is slightly recessed and also tapered, but they both sit on top of the base. Well this question may deserve another thread, how is the glide on these new setups compared to a fully recessed skin?

Also, RJB, the great thing about the ski you just bought is to be able to ski it as a waxed ski!

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