Telemark Skimo racing (was: 3-pin Racing)

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Re: Telemark Skimo racing (was: 3-pin Racing)

Postby telemarkmark » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:51 am

For my last outing I had elastic cords added to the heel Dynema cables. These stopped the Dynema falling off when wet, so could be set less tight. I
I found that skinning with the front throw off but elastic still on, which gave a small amount of resistance not noticed....until I removed it and was completely free.
With 3 pins v 2 pins, you may not be any less slow on a short climb, but over distance the extra effort will tire your legs. And yes, a long descent in Tele stance is a real thigh burner.
So why tele if it always slower, so I can come last with style! or first Telemo!!

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