Just throwing this out there...

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lowangle al
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Re: Just throwing this out there...

Postby lowangle al » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:01 pm

Harris wrote:Does anyone else think the modern telemark racing with its turnarounds and uphill skating in NTNs is a joke? I'm all for backcountry races, where all the skills all demanded, but skiing gates in a skin suit with XC poling just seems wrong. I'd rather see a slalom course and true GS. Frankly.

I'm with you on this Harris, and I don't think it does much to promote our sport. When and where do they have these races and who oversees them?

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Re: Just throwing this out there...

Postby Harris » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:58 pm

When I was a kid during the mid-80s, I never heard of these types of races. What I did race (Summit and Wasatch Series) were NASTAResque dual slalom with a pro-jump. Distance was not measured. I expected the racing to go more alpine (true slalom and GS) from there, and then this happened. But to each their own. It seems popular enough. In fact a friend of mine actually found a job as a head coach with the Steamboat Winter Sports Club Telemark team.

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Re: Just throwing this out there...

Postby dorthman » Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:45 am

I think it's really cool!!

The course layouts kind of remind me of mtb dual slalom, 4x. Do they still do that?

The banked turn and skate are a welcome addition ti the pretty basic dh race format IMO.

A series of banked turns and a longer skate section would be even more interesting....imo

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Re: Just throwing this out there...

Postby oggopoggo » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:27 am

The speed suits and NTN do look a bit out there but that's the direction racing goes. Before the Olympics were in Utah there was a vote at the Telemark World Championships as to whether wider skis with sidecut would be allowed. At the time most were competing with cable bindings but everyone was on 3 pin before that, particularly because of the brutal skate. At the World's at Whistler some were still in leather boots and the jump was over 60'. More than a decade before terrain parks were invented the Canadian Nationals at Silverstar had a jump well over 90' to a hidden gate set on a fall away turn. Some guy on alpine gear poached it, thinking it was "just for telemarkers". We saw the patrol take him out (unconscious) on a sled on our way to the start gate.

The races are (or were?) unbelievably difficult. The alpine coaches at Whistler loved it, saying it was like the downhill used to be (desperate). The telemarkers at the Utah World's were all former National team skiers from alpine, cross-country, mogul and ski jumping. Courses are partly anaerobic so collapsing at the finish line or throwing up was not unusual. I highly recommend anyone with solid skills enter a Classic, even if NTN makes it easier (not sure if you can enter the same races anymore mind you. They just used to move one gate and send you down the World Cup race course after 50 guys rutted it up).

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Re: Just throwing this out there...

Postby iBjorn » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:58 pm

They might look silly with race suit and long poles - but doesnt the race suit people of regular GS or cross-country look silly to?

Nonetheless, these races doesnt seem to be for the faint hearted. The GS section seems to be quite fast, the jumps are long and the ending skate section seems to take lactic acid to new level... Personally, I rather see telemark racing on TV than regular GS or cross-country.

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