New boots and a foot of fluff.

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Re: New boots and a foot of fluff.

Postby phoenix » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:57 am

Yup, it's very common for skiers switching from leather to plastic, as you're finding out. And yes, as a couple of folks have pointed out, working on a tighter stance will make a big difference. You'' need to bend those bellows and pressure Both skis; I'd suggest focusing more on the rear ski (that is usually where a weakness in technique shows up)... the lead ski is probably getting all, or most, of the pressure already.

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lowangle al

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Re: New boots and a foot of fluff.

Postby lowangle al » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:00 pm

Well I think I found the limit with the boots on firm snow. I was out last night on a firm but carvable chewed up snowmobile trail. My wife and I were both on Vectors, she was wearing her T2s. Her turns looked a lot better than mine felt, I wasn't able to get a good edge and skidded most of my turns. She said her run was fun, I made it down but it didn't feel good. The Vectors were a little wide for a boot with such a low cuff in those conditions. I bet a ski like the Objectives would have skied it well. I still think the T4s are a good combo with the Vector and will work in most conditions.

I mentioned earlier about how the T4s were enough boot for my powder boards in powder, and they are. But a bigger boot like my T2s makes the ski more responsive and quicker in and out of turns.

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