La montagne St-Pierre, La Rédemption, april 17th 2017

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La montagne St-Pierre, La Rédemption, april 17th 2017

Postby Bri7 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:38 am

On my way to the Gapesian's peninsula, I had the opportunity to ski the montagne st-Pierre on friday. Chances are you don't know what is la montagne St-Pierre. There is no website, facebook or and only very few pictures of the mountain on the internet. Being so close to la reserve faunique and the Parc de la Gapésie, probabbly two of the best backcountry locations in eastern Canada, not so many skiers stop by during the ski seaon.

Me, Rod, Caro, Rita, Ephraim and Pat picked up Benjamin (Bgregoire on the forum) in Rimouski to guide during this wonderful spring day. The snow coverage in la Redemption was pretty shy with about 12 inches on the ground. After only a few meters of apporach the base reached 3 feet. The approach itself probably keeps some tourist off the mountain. We did not really bother the 4 km approach, the views on the surronding mountains and the wind turbine makes the approach enjoyable.

A total of 4 trail were cut on 2 differents faces of the mountain. We spent all the afternoon in la "I" and la "Y" two intermediate glades. We did not have the chance to try "La crotte de buck" and la "Bois de velour" this time.

We had a wonderful time over there. The people of la Redemption are really friendly. We will be back for sure during winter time.

Here' the video of the day:


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Re: La montagne St-Pierre, La Rédemption, april 17th 2017

Postby bgregoire » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:57 pm


Next time, come back ealier for the POW! I'll make greater effort to stay up on my skis then! ;)
I live for the Telemark arc....The feeeeeeel.....I ski miles to get to a place where there is guaranteed snow to do the deal....TM

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Re: La montagne St-Pierre, La Rédemption, april 17th 2017

Postby fisheater » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Bri7 the camera skills as always were very good, however the joy also came through very clearly. Thank you for posting, it is nice to still see winter as we are fully into spring. It was nice to see Benjamin, I do not recall a post of his this winter, which of course is greatly missed.
I will be looking for photos or videos of your Gapesie adventure, good skiing to you and your group.


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Re: La montagne St-Pierre, La Rédemption, april 17th 2017

Postby STG » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:13 am


Thanks for posting the video, photos and detailed narrative of your ski adventure. I live in Montana so I appreciate photos and descriptions of skiing in other areas of North America. By the expression on your faces, it must have been a great day.

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