Asnes Tind 76 / 85

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Re: Asnes Tind 76 / 85

Postby fisheater » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:43 pm

LoveJohnny wrote:Anyone ever seen them? They look very, very interesting. The closest thing to the Voile Objective. Thanks LilCliffy for letting us know in the first place last year...

Lilcliffy wrote:This is what Johnny needs- a new Asnes Tind 85 with skin-lock to test against the Voile Objective BC!!!! If this happens- I am coming for a visit LJ...

I remember dreaming about the StoreTind, which was a bit narrower. But now with the Tind 85 at 2.5kg @ 176cm, that is even more exciting. I didn't really noticed because the ski does not appear on Asnes English website... I wonder if a pair ever crossed the ocean...? I don't think they were ever available at Nepture or Norseman...

Look at that sidecut... It wants to turn...! 22m radius, really? And it seems pretty much single camber... Perfect for downhill oriented skiing... And with the SkinLocks, maybe I wouldn't need TWO pairs of Objectives with them... :lol:

Oh my, gear-acquisition syndrome strikes again... And it's only August...


Johnny, I am curious as to why you have the affinity for the side cut of this ski? I have seen the videos of you skiing and it is a thing of beauty, but I also know you have spent some winters on this earth. I am quite confident you remember straight skis. My only assumption is that you are blessed with so much natural snowfall that you are not doing the k&g on a skied track on the way in (up), so your focus is solely on downhill performance. If that is the context I understand completely. Unfortunately I am not Québécois and my reality is quite different.

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Re: Asnes Tind 76 / 85

Postby LoveJohnny » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:28 am

Well it's definitely a touring for turns kind of ski... Which is mostly what I'm into...

But actually, 22m of radius is not bad at all for touring... The thing is, it doesn't look like a 22m sidecut, it looks more like 17-18m... But it might just be that computer screen I found on the side of the road...

That is why I need a pair to tell you guys how much it's a great ski... ;)
Everything Asnes is awesome anyway...

My only assumption is you are not doing the k&g on a skied track on the way in (up)

I don't ski in other people's tracks... I don't find it very hygienic... I like my snow unspoiled and virgin... 8-)

I still like straight skis for a lot of reasons...! But for not-so-fast downhill runs in tight trees, aggressive sidecut is your best friend...

I asked the Asnes guys about the flex, rocker and camber of this beast, but I didn't get an answer...
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