Vector replacement- ideas? V6/UltraVector something else?

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Re: Vector replacement- ideas? V6/UltraVector something else?

Postby Woodserson » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:36 pm

anemic wrote:How are those Sick Days working?

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They look awesome on the wall!

Not mounted yet, somewhat paralyzed between the X2 and the Hardwire, I have both. I like the more active feel of the X2 but the cartridges are almost too powerful for my T4s, and I'm not huge on free pivot with lower boots. I like the activity and less power of the HW but wonder if I get a bigger boot if I'll find them lacking and want the free pivot. Regardless, I missed the one big snow, and now with the death crust conditions are sub optimal, I've been XC touring instead. They will be mounted soon.

I'm doing a bunch of lift accessed resort skiing in the meantime and my Fischer Boundless 98-69-88 have become my go-to ski! I have more fun on those than anything else... go figure!

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