NTN newbie, should I get the Meidjo 2.1 or Outlaw X ?

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Re: NTN newbie, should I get the Meidjo 2.1 or Outlaw X ?

Post by Harris » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:08 pm

Johnny wrote:
Harris wrote:Pins with Volle plates weren't too bad, except you had to watch for ice buildup that would eventually get to the point the pins would rip out the boot's holes.
I still use Smileys on my leathers... The other way around was also true: The smiley plates could turn a useless boot with ripped out pin holes into a brand new boot... ;)
A funny story... I stepped away from skiing for a number of years (from 1987 to 1995). When I left the sport in the late 80's the Merrill Super Comp was the top boot of the day, and paired with Volle plates that was as good as it got for 3 pin. The Super Comp was a leather double boot with a plastic upper cuff. I had converted to them the first year they came out, switched from the slightly above ankle, single-boot all leather lace-up Asolo Extreme, which in itself before the Merrill's was the best stock tele boot you could buy. Boy did I get shit shit from granola heads for skiing in Super Comps. At least until they saw me ski. And then they shut up. There was a time that the mediocre purists were at war with the push-the-limits futurists. Anyway, I had dreamed about all plastic boots, and a number of racers were mutilating alpine boots trying to make an all plastic boot (called Stien-comps, as in Frankenstien). But I missed the introduction of the all plastic T1 or T2 or whatever etc.

So in 1995 I show up at on old stomping ground (Teluride) donning my old blown-out Super Comps, using Volle plates, mounted to Kazama Tele-Comp 75 mil 210s, and some lady skis up to me and says "How Retro!" Retro? But later while taking a gasper break as I was ripping turns down The Plunge, another lady (alpiner ski instructor) skis up and says, "That is the most beautiful turning I've ever seen." I was so winded I couldn't respond worth a crap, which sucked because she herself was beautiful, and she skied off perplexed as to why I was flailing the conversation, but despite chance love opportunity blown (chucking, riiiight...) that day made me a pretty happy dude.

As much as I love the new gear, there is just something about the way the old gear skied that was "beautiful." You just can't emulate the style required to ski the old stuff well on the new stuff. The gear is too rigid. And on packed super steeps, groomers and bumps, as a kid on old shit I could've given anyone on new gear a run for their money, but the new stuff allows for way more versatility, especially skiing conditions that are just plain hard to tele. And the new gear uses much, much less gas.

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Re: NTN newbie, should I get the Meidjo 2.1 or Outlaw X ?

Post by Ziggy » Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:07 am

Just for info ...
Outlaw X can go on Telebry Safeout release plates as it shares the Axl hole pattern. Just add a shim under the duckbutt clamp.
This gives you all-angle DIN release.
Cheers from Down Under

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