What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

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Re: What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

Postby Woodserson » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:45 pm

lilcliffy wrote: It also brings confidence to Fischer's weight recommendations. I think for many of us- myself included- we habitually think of all Nordic skis from a traditional perspective in terms of length. 179cm is a very short Nordic ski from a traditional perspective. Sounds like it is best to follow Fischer's design-based recommendations if one wants to fully take advantage of the downhill performance they have to offer!

Yes, specifically the downhill turning portion of the performance scale. I still get more than acceptable kick/grip when it comes to the longer skis even though I'm way below the weight recommendation on the 189cm, and is why I kept the longer 88's for distance touring that are less turn oriented.

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