What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

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Re: What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

Postby Woodserson » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:45 pm

lilcliffy wrote: It also brings confidence to Fischer's weight recommendations. I think for many of us- myself included- we habitually think of all Nordic skis from a traditional perspective in terms of length. 179cm is a very short Nordic ski from a traditional perspective. Sounds like it is best to follow Fischer's design-based recommendations if one wants to fully take advantage of the downhill performance they have to offer!

Yes, specifically the downhill turning portion of the performance scale. I still get more than acceptable kick/grip when it comes to the longer skis even though I'm way below the weight recommendation on the 189cm, and is why I kept the longer 88's for distance touring that are less turn oriented.


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Re: What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

Postby TeleBeaver » Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:48 pm

An update:

Last winter I never did get a pair of xcd skis, too poor and too busy skiing the resort and learning my way around the Wasatch on big mountain tours. However, in the spring I did have a chance to ski the Fabianos. There is an underground retro-tele big mountain comp every year at Alta called the smelly kneepad (more of a party than a comp). I participated with a pair of borrowed Karhu Supreme 203s mounted with Voile vp1s and can honestly say that learning to ride the leather boots was some of the most fun I had last year. First run, when unloading the chairlift I fell straight on my ass. With no backseat to lever off, even standing up off the chair was difficult. After a few runs though, I found the sweet spot and was pretty much ripping turns on groomers. Skiing down Highboy at Alta for the "comp" was a different story... (more falling than turning). Anyway the leather experience was so enjoyable, that when my Uncle (a fellow tele skier) took me to A-basin in May, I grabbed his old pair of Rossignol Haute Routes with riva bindings from the garage and spent the day on the fabianos. It worked out well because being on the light gear made skiing the few open blue groomers a challenge.

This season I am based in Crested Butte Colorado and had my heart set on an xcd setup. There are some madshus eons for sale at Ski Haus in Steamboat for 50% off but even then they were a bit spendy for me. I have been keeping my eye out at the local secondhand shops but haven't found anything until today. I made the drive over to A-basin for opening day tomorrow, and stopped in Frisco at Recycle Sports on the way. In the basement I found them: 200cm Karhu XCD GT with mora? 3-pin bindings. They are of the waxable variety and in mint condition so I grabbed them. $19.99. 8-)

After spending the morning on my NTN stuff tomorrow, I'll be ripping the new sticks. Photos and videos to follow, and hopefully once it actually snows I can share some real XCD content with you guys. (After I learn to turn these things in powder lol).


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Re: What ski/binding combo for Scarpa Fabiano?

Postby greatgt » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:51 am

Man are you ever into some great riding....Fabiano's...wow..... Enjoy! TM

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