What is camber?

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Re: What is camber?

Postby lilcliffy » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:29 pm

satsuma wrote:Short skis are easier for people with short legs to wedge and turn.

Yes- this is true- and I am not tall at 5'10".

But- length isn't everything when it comes to downhill turns- you still gotta be able to squash/flex/pressure a ski to truly turn it.

I suppose if a double-camber ski is short enough (for the weight of the skier) then one can "easily" squash that camber and flex them into a turn...There are videos of CIMA, on this site, squashing Rossi BC70s through telemark turns- and that is one stiff cambered ski :shock: ...BUT- he is also using a very short non-XC length- without an effective wax pocket...

I guess for me- why have a double camber if one is not going to take advantage of the XC performance it has to offer?
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