Ranks... :)

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Ranks... :)

Postby Johnny » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:28 pm

No, it has nothing to do with your tele skills or knowledge... It's just for fun... ;)
I just accidentally found the board's built-in ranking system... It is simply related to your total number of posts...

We all start as XCD Enthusiasts (don't we?)

Then after 100 posts of sharing out our passion with other tele enthusiasts, we become XCD Pinheads. (Why can't we stay in the woods where we belong?!?)

After 500 posts and helping out a lot of our brothers on different subjects, from picking the right gear to how-to's or on how to fix your stuff, (Or asking a hundred times for used, cheap or broken NTN bindings) we become XCD Guides!

And finally, after more than a thousand posts, (In my case, not always interesting ones, mostly repeating myself over and over about NNN and XCD in a very bad English just to get the Knight rank), you ultimately become a real XCD Knight with unlimited magical powers... (Including the magical Perfect-Binding-Mounting-Position-Visualization™ ability, no tools or measuring tape required...)

Many thanks to all of you, precious members of the XCD community!
Keep sharing the love, keep helping each other and keep it cool...! 8-)
/...\ Peace, Love, Telemark and Tofu /...\
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Re: Ranks... :)

Postby connyro » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:11 pm

I should be knocked down to at least Pinhead due to the overall low quality of my posts. Pretty sure 2/3's of them focused on the Image that you mentioned.

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