Waxless Scale Patterns- What's your favourite Flavor?

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Re: Waxless Scale Patterns- What's your favourite Flavor?

Postby martin2007 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:29 am

The S-Bounds got glide-waxed, tips and scales, but remained in the cargo box for a while. I took them out today in Rocky Mtn. Nat. Park. Temps were +5C in the parking lot at 1pm. Blue sky, intermittent clouds, and temps weren't about to drop. The trail followed an unplowed summer park service road up to the "Grand Ditch" which is a sort of aqueduct that used to funnel water from the Never Summer Mountains on the west side over to the east side. The trail was a low-angle 5k up to the "ditch", a 1100ft elevation gain from the trailhead. The skis worked very well. Well, I worked a little bit, too. The snow was colder the higher I got, but was mostly spring mush. I know my wooden skis and my XCD-GT waxables would have been a misery. Grip was good. I was half-expecting to have to work going back down, but slightly falling afternoon temps and increased shade from the sun dipping behind the mountain made my ascending tracks glossy and fast. I flew down atop a crystallizing soupy wonderland. I almost liked the skis' machine-like chatter and hum. Almost. Anyway, I don't believe, given the conditions today, I could have had a better ski on any other set of boards.

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