Burnt Mtn Designs 3 pins - review

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Burnt Mtn Designs 3 pins - review

Postby phoenix » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:25 pm

Given the interest several people have expressed in recent posts, I'm adding a review I stumpled upon from Earn Your Turns. Pretty much echoes what Connyro and I have written, in one easy to locate package:

"In the world of three-pin performance there is no better binding available. Not only are the Lite Dogz easier to get in and out of than any other 3-pin binding, they also ski better. The reason is simple, though not necessarily dramatic. Only advocates of 3-pin simplicity might notice, but in a side by side comparison the difference is undeniable. Because of how firmly the LiteDogz squeezes the duckbill, and because it does so over a larger surface area, and the fact the pins are larger diameter, and taller, improves the overall retention of a duckbill. That translates into greater control for turns, and slightly more resistance when touring."

Only thing I'll add is the reminder that these are intended for full thickness 75mm soles... in other words, any plastic boots, or fully built Norwegian welted leathers. My Alaska 75's are a coule mm thinner, and still work well, but I would not push any limits on sole thickness.

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