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Re: Waiting

Postby greatgt » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:27 pm

Been awhile since we were skiing a glacier up in the Highlands....Total powder and mid winter conditions....One mountain range....Very heavy slow powder....the other with short steep drops @8 inches of wonderful lite powder on 2 feet of heavy powder....Waaay good!.....So headed up to the Highlands @ 10-15 below zero...Telekings place was 18 below....On a knob close to the gap where we park the air was cold and very quiet....Dropped in and the float and turnability was total...It was dream powder cause this is what you dream of.....total control....speed....rounded turns and blow up powder....So early no food to carry....Figuring I'd be solo as per norm was happy to see Teleking on the second down.....Bout the third down Telewheels showed up....Man did the powder get blown up....Headed further down the ridge and on the North north west side wind hardened snow so dropped off into a ledge area where Teleking dropped a ledge @ 8 feet not to bad for an old timer!!!! The whole ridge has wonderful drops but needs to shed some whips...Back home by 11:00 and watched basketball....Great day of BC....And the snow!!!!! Big week coming with no real heat-up....Powder...powder....powder.....Arc it!!!! TM

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