A humbling day

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Re: A humbling day

Postby 12gaugesage » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:01 pm

Thanks again for all the input. Slowly but surely hammering it out.
Got out for a good long day of lift serve at King Pine yesterday, 6hrs minus a short lunch break. Trying to saturate myself in experience . Legs are smoked :D .

8" of fresh groomed snow that already had 3-4" on top of it by the time the lifts were open, and it kept coming all day. Music pumping from my phone, procured a bit of Maines finest beforehand, I'm telling you it was spiritual out there.

Hit all the blues. Kept it upright all day, a few stumbles later in the day, snow was coming down a bit wet and was packed tracked and chopped by then, fatigue was setting in.

I learned that I am indeed a back seat driver, I like to say I ski on the toilet. When I get low, I squat back too far, leaving little room for correction especially if I hit some bumps. Caught myself and corrected a couple times. I could probably be more upright if I stay forward, and it would be more efficient for my quads and low back.
Nose over toes, said the liftie who no doubt saw my awkwardness and was giving me tips. ... Duly noted.

Made some more feeble attempts at dropping my knees deep into tele position, usually resulting in my forward ski catching the outside edge and torpedoing into my opposite ski followed by a flail, step and hop into a recovery... Damn. Tele skiers make it look so easy. I believe I need to be rolled onto my inside edges prior to dropping?

Also finding it difficult to get weight onto my foot when I drop down. My shin pressures the cuff which seems to unweight my foot. Top buckle too tight?

All in all Id like to believe I made some progress, just hope Im not getting better at doing things wrong. If nothing else, this stuff does wonders for balance and reflexes.
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