75mm boot recomendations

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Re: 75mm boot recomendations

Post by Ingstad91 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:20 pm

fisheater wrote:Ingstad, I am skiing the FT 62 mounted with a Voile 3-pin cable mounted flat on the ski. I live in Michigan, I ski on glacially deposited hills. My "good" verticals could be around 200 vertical feet. I will take the FT 62's on the trails to ski the open hillsides. Otherwise I ski the trails, with the double camber surplus skis. There is a lot of up and down on the trails and they are fun on both skis in the winter and mountain bikes in the summer.
If I catch the right conditions, there can be good dune skiing on the Lake Michigan shore.
I also ski the FT 62 at the lift served ski hill, which has 500 feet of vertical, but much of the terrain would be in the 30 degree slope category. At the ski hill is where I use the cables. I keep the cables in my camelback if I am trail skiing, and trying to grab some turns on the open hillsides. I really like the FT 62 as a touring to find turns ski, I also enjoy it as a skiing in leather boots at the local ski hill ski.
There is a review forum on this site. There is a review started on the new Ingstad, and a little more on the older model. We would enjoy reading your impression of that ski. Also any of your skiing photos would be most welcome on the Pictures Thread
Great to hear your impression of the FT 62! If I find the T4 boots usable as downhill boots, I have to argue with myself to get a pair too. The more I hear the positive review of theese skis, the more I dream about trying them, especially the FT68s. With hardwire or switchback binding maybe. :roll: And.. Pictures will come! :)

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Re: 75mm boot recomendations

Post by Mountain Mitch » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:34 pm

Woodserson wrote:Do you want one boot, or two boots?

I agree with Al, I'm loving my T4s. I have the Eco's but keep going for the T4s and then ski accordingly.

If you want two boots I'd throw in the softer Alpina Alaskas for the flat stuff. I'm basically down to two boots now, T4s and Alaskas, I have no use for any of the others... or I should say I have use for them but I never grab them and they are all collecting dust.
I agree with this assessment. I have and use both. I’d add the Garmont Excursion (now Scott) if it fits your foot better than the T4. But it’s all about use. Obviously, if you’re going to be mainly resort skiing you probably need a 3 or 4 buckle boot.
If I could only have one pair of tele boots it would be my T4s.

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Re: 75mm boot recomendations

Post by groughsurfer » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:41 am

I skied for years on a pair of Montelliana, (low ankle leather) which served me well for hacking around the English Peak District, Scotland and Norway. When they started to show signs of age, I hastily bought a pair of Alico March army surplus from an on-line store. The price was incredibly low- £30 plus £10 postage (you'll have to do your own currency conversion) so my expectations were pretty low. Instead,like other posters on this forum, I was amazed by the quality of the leather and the overall way they are built. Performance-wise they impressed too, on a longish Scottish day trip with some reasonable ups and downs, I never found myself wishing I had something beefier to control my skis.
Despite these positives, however, it was obvious that these boots needed a lot of breaking in and in the meantime would eat my feet. And so it has proved. They are fine for a couple of hours, okay for a day trip but day two is grin and bear it and after that, we are talking raw meat.
Anyway, on my last trip to Scotland, I got to try some Fischer BCX675, instant comfort! Control seems pretty good too, at least as good as the Alicos but I'm guessing they won't last as long as the Montelliana have or the Alicos will. Also, the sizing may be a bit small. I usually take UK 8 /EU42 but 42s seemed a bit too snug so I opted for 43s, which seem a little looser than I would like ideally like, although , as I've said, comfort and performance seem fine.

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