Summit Cone Pariah

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Re: Summit Cone Pariah

Post by TA1 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:38 am

Purchased my Pariahs in 177 cm from Telemark Down. Dealt with Erik and he was great! First, I have to mention the build quality of these skis.They appear and feel really well made. In comparison, I also have a set up using a Praxis Yeti ski. I consider Praxis one of the highest quality skis available. The Pariah is equal to if not better made than the Praxis. I mounted the Pariahs with my Voile Switchback X2s at Erik's recommended pin line at 85cm from tip. Used a 3.6 × 9 bit, West System Gflex epoxy and torqued screws to 4.5 Nm. Mount is solid.

I have 6 days of VT resort skiing on the Pariah at this point. Have encountered hard pack/ icy , wind blown , powder, manmade , natural snow in the trees. IMO , All I can say is WOW!!!!! Just an amazing ski. A great feeling rounded flex, Great edge hold on hard pack, takes variable , crud , groomers with ease and is outstanding in the natural /fresh snow. Really maneuverable and playful in the trees. A real joy! The geometry / sidecut/ rocker and camber is spot on. Really well thought out. Also, the ski is nicely weighted. Not too heavy or light. Feels really balanced . Coupled with the X2 , it is just so smooth. A perfect match IMO. I use Scarpa T1s also.

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Re: Summit Cone Pariah

Post by lilcliffy » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:48 am

This is an excellent report- thank you!
Please consider writing a full review in our review section.
Regardless, please keep us "posted" on your experience with this ski!
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Re: Summit Cone Pariah

Post by Douglasmtn » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:48 pm

After trying numerous skis on the market (K2, Black Crows, DPS, Voile) and not finding one that was what I wanted and/or expected, I tried a pair a 184 Pariah's with 22 Design Axl bindings. OMG!!! They have put the fun back into tele skiing. I have used them on and off piste, in the bumps, and in 24" of powder. They have been all over the Rockies (CO to MT to UT) and all I can say to the Fey Bros. is Thank you! I love these skis so much that I am now currently waiting for my new pair of Summit Cone Exile 106's to be delivered so that I can try them on my powdercat trip in two weeks. Can't wait.

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Re: Summit Cone Pariah

Post by voilenerd » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:05 pm

I ended up returning my Summit Cones for a full refund. The bases were not flat/wavy and had grind marks on scales. They were also too stiff and hard to turn. Did not like them at all for backcountry touring. I don't see how they have the same turning radius as the V6 because I own the V6 and the v6 is way easier to turn then the Pariah/Vagabond.

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