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World's smallest NNNBC boot?

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:39 pm
by lilcliffy
Anybody know what the smallest NNNBC boot is?
I am thinking that it is probably size 36EU...

I have an avid 5-year old skier in my clan that is going to want to fly with the rest of us real soon!
Her Balla Hoks are not going to be fast enough...

Re: World's smallest NNNBC boot?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:43 pm
by STG

Don't know much about boots/skis for children but I think Akers might have a good selection?

The love of skiing should start early. Good for you!

Re: World's smallest NNNBC boot?

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:50 pm
by satsuma
I don't see much in NNN-BC boots specifically in kids sizes. Consider using a combi boot with either SNS or NNN bindings. For example ... QmEALw_wcB

I use Rossignol X6 boots (similar) for my track skiing and roller skiing and it's quite supportive.

Re: World's smallest NNNBC boot?

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:48 pm
by lilcliffy
Yeah- I think I am going to have to start with NNN-like I did with my two oldest children.
However- I am going to mount NNN on a backcountry ski this time- not a touring ski designed for the groomed track!