The Finest Leathers: Nordic Norm 75mm Backcountry/Telemark Boots

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Re: The Finest Leathers: Nordic Norm 75mm Backcountry/Telemark Boots

Post by fisheater » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:19 pm

Tele kid wrote:Wish I could buy another pair of Andrew’s North Rim boots. Can’t remember, too much herb, but roughly ten + yrs old. There still my go to aggressive boot but this summer they need a cobble shop bad. Years back sent some Merrill boots to Rocky Mt Resoal. Like hearing there may be a place in NH.
Tele Kid, I really like my Alico Ski March. However it fits my feet, so that's half the battle. I could easily handle a Fischer S-112' with this boot. It is a bit heavy, it might be close to my T-4 in weight. I don't have a scale. It isn't as powerful as a T-4, however the T-4 doesn't have that sweet leather flex. There is a pretty long review section. I'm happy I bought mine. Good luck

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