Best All around gears.

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Re: Best All around gears.

Post by HGC » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:37 pm

Hi Ben! You have reasons I want skis scales very performent and is just as good on the slide as on the flat and able to manage the powder downhill ... View that my budjet is not infinite and I read some negative comment on the held S bound 98 on the flat I had forgotten .. The NN 75mm interests me a lot because I already have new mountaineers that I can put on my Hok's and I take those cable for the Epoch..But my question was the durability of the boots 75mm ... In an ideal world I would like to have the lightest with a good ankle support and a good flex for the K & G with the best longevity, Alfa appeared the ultimate choice, (my parents have each a pair of 40 years ago ... and they are still very good and beautiful) but given the import fees and shipments the Guard Advance GTX becomes expensive and they do not do it yet in NN 75mm! .. Then the Greenland 75 becomes a possibility too! You know her? Crispi Svartisen 75 what do you think? you tell me that Gendron will not have the complete line, I guess but it's already a start! What information on the type of terrain would you like to have to better establish my needs for specific skiing?

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Re: Best All around gears.

Post by bgregoire » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:17 am


excuse me but I have to burst your bubble. There is no PERFECT ski kit. It's all about compromise. The lightest and the most durable are nearly oxymorons.

Alfa makes great gear but their boots are not without their issues (i have 3 pair, so i know them well).

I really do not understand why you would go for NNN-BC if you are skiing mountaneous terrain as a beginner/intermediate. IMO, the Alfa Greenland 75mm boots (I own a previous version) are not industructible, they carry the same soft vibram sole as most all modern thermomolded 75mm soles.

If the S98 sounds too downhill oriented for you, then forget the epoch as well. Consider the Fischer excursion 88 or the Asnes Ingstad (I would go wax, but that is JUST me).

You want durable, go for the Andrew Rifugio boot I linkted to earlier.

its 1030g + 210g (voile mountaineer) = 1240g


860g +260g = 1120g for the stetind and NNN-BC magnum combo.

that is only 120g per boot more for lots more downhill control and a VERY durable set-up.

If one day, would want a set up that is lighter and more distance oriented, I would suggest a nnn-bc setup, but now now, with what i am gathering from your posts.

Have fun.
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