The Lauberhorn Downhill

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The Lauberhorn Downhill

Postby fisheater » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:11 am

For having a few years, it sometimes surprises me how many things I should have some experience with, that I know nothing about. This just happened to me Monday night when flipping through channels I turned on a FIS event from Wengen, Switzerland the Lauberhorn Downhill. Now I have respect for what World Cup skiers do, and especially World Cup downhill skiers. In 2001 my ski buddies and I skied Snowbasin Resort one day, just so we could see the Olympic downhill run. We let the skis fly on that run while still making turns. The amount of air we got going over terrain transitions was pretty big. I would not want to have to point them downhill without turning on that track. The Lauberhorn is an entirely different animal. It is technically much more difficult, but also it's beautiful and unique. The race starts above treeline, with high alpine peaks in the background. It runs through a natural half pipe, has very challenging off camber turns, runs underneath a rather narrow stone railroad bridge. Between the skiing, the beauty of the setting, and the unique and quirky course, it was just an awesome TV watch. This course has been raced since the 1920's, there is no way a course would ever be designed like this today.
If you find it on your cable channels give it a watch.
Woods, I think Johnny Lightning and Chuck Flannel should film a video making Tele turns down the Lauberhorn! It would be an instant classic.

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