Warm Again this Winter is not My Favorite

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Warm Again this Winter is not My Favorite

Postby fisheater » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:06 am

Last Monday we had 8" plus of snow (20 cm), then we dropped in temperature to a pretty steady -10 F (-22 C) before the 10-15 mph winds were factored in. My site was cold, my diesel generator wouldn't fire despite my efforts. I did manage to almost start it on fire! My two day a week intern really thinks I'm from another world. My advice to him was if you don't ever try to do anything you will never f--k anything up.
The thought that kept me going was the nice powder snow I would ski this weekend. I had considered going over to the Lake Michigan side of the state as I had several reports of deep snow. That was cancelled, because school was cancelled all week. My son had a make up basketball game. They were instructed to around noon, to meet with the players arriving on the bus. His game didn't start until 3PM, the school was a 50 minute drive from home.
I skied 5 miles on nice snow. It was 17F when I waxed my skis. I put both blue and green wax tins, a scraper, and a cork in my pocket. I jumped in the truck and made the 10 minute drive to the trailhead.
It was beautiful, cold, white, blue/blue ski. The trail while used over the week, and while boot marked, the snow was powdery. The trail is mostly downhill the first 1/4 mile, then it starts uphill again. The green wax just was not getting it, so I stopped with the intent of going straight to blue, not messing with extending the wax pocket with green. Well, I guess my brain said put blue wax in my soft shell pocket. I put Polar White in my pocket in my pocket instead. So I extended green to the tip and off I went. I had a good ski, I was a little slow in the flats do to less than ideal grip, but the downhills were fast, and slipping gave me maximum exercise per mile. I think I might have had time to ski a few more miles with blue, however it was awesome to be out on nice snow. My first time out was two weeks past, way to late of start to trail skiing season. However it was still too early, the rocks did same base work to the skis, but the unexpected deflections could have been bad for me too.
So when we finally left the gym at 5 PM yesterday it was 40 degrees (4 C). It is 40 F now with rain, it is already to thin to ski. It will be winter temps by Wednesday, but there will not be base even left by then. It has been plenty cold this winter, it's just that the precipitation has come with unusually warm air.
I have done some lift served skiing on man made snow this season. Conditions have not been ideal for that either. I am disappointed, but I'm not in charge of the weather.
I will report back (hopefully) when the snow decides to come again. I will NOT buy any skis next season! Buying skis seems to be bad for my snow luck.

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Re: Warm Again this Winter is not My Favorite

Postby Verskis » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:11 pm

Damn, it sucks when a promising layer of snow melts completely away!

For me the luck seems to work the other way around. I bought new skis in beginning of January and the snow has been accumulating since then! Now we have a pretty nice, about 50 cm snow depth. And it is nice soft snow. Today I had a great time at an abandoned ski hill. But it seems we might be getting above freezing temperatures by the end of the next week, I hope it doesn't make the snow too hard after it freezes again.

But anyway, let's hope you get some snow before the spring comes. There's still plenty of time for the snow to fall!


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Re: Warm Again this Winter is not My Favorite

Postby FourthCoast » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:44 pm

I watched it get deep over here on the west side of the state. Constant snow for the entire work week. As soon as Saturday morning rolls around its all melting into a soupy mess. It seems like I might be mowing grass again instead of skiing. No good.


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Re: Warm Again this Winter is not My Favorite

Postby Cannatonic » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:57 pm

around here winter is going from bad to worse - almost no snow this year. we just had 4 inches on the ground for a few days and now it's melting. I have to start driving north if I want to ski

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