Telemark Tech Bindings - looking for a little insight

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Telemark Tech Bindings - looking for a little insight

Postby rossn » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:12 pm

As I haven't skied much in recent years, due to young children, I'm now looking to re-acquaint myself with the latest and greatest developments.

I've been reading up on the telemark tech/2-pin bindings, and am having trouble understanding the current state of affairs on it -- I'm only finding bits and pieces.

Are users of this system finding they are a direct replacement for 75mm or NTN, or is it really more superior primarily for backcountry, due to the touring advantages? In spite of tele being on more of a decline in recent years, are these bindings finding a strong and broad following in the tele community, or are they more of an experiment-going-well at this point?

Nick BC

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Re: Telemark Tech Bindings - looking for a little insight

Postby Nick BC » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:31 pm

I have two skis with tele tech systems, as well as two pairs of skis with Meidjo. The main motivation for trying the tele tech bindings was snow build up with the Meidjos in warm snow conditions. SWBC gets a lot of that. In terms of skiability the Meidjos win hands down - the lateral stiffness (partly due to the under foot claw) and smooth tele action are a dream. Plus, they parallel almost as well as my former AT set up. The tele tech is still better than the old 75mm, due to the use of the pin toes, which have a tighter connection than relying on springs to pull your boot into a toe piece. Touring is so much better with the pin toes and Meidjo and TTS are equal in that regard.

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