Always check the basement.... 199s

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Always check the basement.... 199s

Postby 12gaugesage » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:09 pm

Headed out to kick out some miles on my 78s this afternoon and decided to stop in at Ragged Mountain equipment on the way. Headed over to the skis, fondled a set of E88s, (as is my custom) chatted with the salesman for a minute, but still not on sale, so I put them back, grabbed a tub of quickwax and some Voile anti ice tape, and headed downstairs.
Scanning through the consignment skis, and there, nestled among some old XCD GTs and various XC and tele rigs,-----I almost glanced over them in disbelief, a set of Excursion 88s with BC autos. Trying to temper my enthusiasm, I assumed they were too short. Nope, 199s. Surely they would be priced high.... $225, practically free, I couldn't afford to not buy them. I swear a golden light shone down from heaven, and angels sang as I grasped them. It was like Arthur freeing the sword from the stone. A bit of gouging in the base of one ski and some scratches in the topsheet but for the price that's fine
A swipe of my card later I was back on the road to hit some trails.


First impressions: holy crap these mfers glide!!!! Major difference from the length, I'm blown away. They felt way faster than my 78s in 189, maybe even faster than my spider 62 in 189 too. I'd say more 199s are in my future.
I ran them with the 35mm quick skin quite a bit and even with those the glide was noticably better. Overall they felt great, they floated on the top layer of unbroken crust through the woods nicely, didn't feel too cumbersome on the tight, icy singletrack side trails I hit, fast on the groomed sugar, I did find myself blowing through turns where it was crusty and I couldn't slow down. The length definitely means more leverage against your feet and legs, and they take up more space in a snowplow.

Gonna install inserts for bc and 3 pin, swap the autos out for manual, and am dying to try 3pins on them with my T4s... Can't wait for this next storm to lay some good snow down again. Going to have to cook up some low angle, high mile adventures for these. ]
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Re: Always check the basement.... 199s

Postby Woodserson » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:23 pm


Really, awesome. Keep an eye out of the wider skins too, they might make a miserable day on the avalanche brook trail a non-event.

Congrats again! This is perfect for you!


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Re: Always check the basement.... 199s

Postby Cannatonic » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:50 pm

nice pickup! They always have a good selection of boots down there too.

I'm pleased that we seem to have passed the inflection point of the short-ski fad. Not only have Fischer's Sbound series sprouted back up in length to 200cm (sorry, "199") but Madshus Eons and Epochs were also made to 205cm this year.

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