Snowshoer Gone Skiing Help

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Re: Snowshoer Gone Skiing Help

Postby lilcliffy » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:00 pm

pollymath wrote:and I have rolling, untouched snow and terrain right out my back door...and I miss the little rush of going fast downhill.

Hi pollymath-
I re-read your OP this evening and it again left me a little confused as to what you want or what you are after...

Sounds like you have excellent fresh snow out your backdoor on gentle to moderate terrain?

What's the snow like? Deep and dry?

I am wondering why you are concerned about choosing a ski that also performs on consolidated snow?

Do you have a boot that you like- or do you have one in mind?

If the terrain is not steep then you don't need a downhill boot...

It would probably help us help you if we were clear on:
1) the terrain you want to ski on.
2) the snow you want to ski on.
3) the boot you have or have in mind.
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Re: Snowshoer Gone Skiing Help

Postby ddg » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:27 pm

I too love heading out my back door into the wilderness. I starting with snow shoeing but then wanted to experience the ease of travel on flats and down hills. So a few years ago I bought a pair of BC125s and Alico Ski March boots. I like this setup but I have since determined that I actually prefer the snow shoes due to my love of exploring and bushwhacking. Where I live the trees grow tightly and there are significant hills with very few flattish spots. I do use the skis but not as much as the snow shoes. Nothing comes close to the snow shoes for hills and close quarters. I may eventually try the short OACs to see if they might provide that happy balance. They can be had from here in Canada.

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