New skis, new bindings, or new technique?

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Re: New skis, new bindings, or new technique?

Postby Lo-Fi » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:21 pm

yoyoing wrote:Lo-Fi, one last set of questions if you don't mind!

Do you recommend the 150cm or 162cm Koms? I'm 5'11" and 145lb. My 145cm Hoks start to bury their tips on deeper powder lines (I'm not sure if that's due the binding mounting position though) so I'm guessing that's probably a good hint to consider the longer option... And with the 162cm, could a soft boot with cable bindings still drive it? I think I saw a video of you using leather boots with them but I could be wrong.

Thanks again 8-)

162cm is already quite short for a ski. It is maximally manoeuvrable for a ski but will provide significantly better fore/aft stability and better tip rise and floatation than the Hoks. 150cm is too short for your height, I would say.

What’s your boot? Softer leather boots with a cable binding can work, but I think you are hobbling yourself on a ski like the Kom. I can ski them with my Merrell Doubles but I far prefer the Excursions first and the T4s second.

The thing is, for both the Koms and sticking with your heavier T4s, is that you are raising your ceiling. Actual skis and solid boots will be more challenging at first, but their capacity for a driving, flow experience is much expanded compared to the Hoks.


Let us know what you do.


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Re: New skis, new bindings, or new technique?

Postby phoenix » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:50 pm

I'm in agreement with LoFi, again... I think a soft plastic boot will afford you noticeably better performance with the Kom's. Nils expressed a similar opinion when I was talking to him about the Kom's: if I recall he may have mentioned that on the website. I'd say a good double leather boot might also... for a season or two. Prior to that, and the long life after, they'yy feel too stiff, and then too soft. That has been my experience with leathers anyway. And the Kom's, or Vector's, are a wide and stiffer flexing sort of ski for a softer boot. This becomes an issue primarily in difficult snow conditions, as has been spoken of in previous posts.

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