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Re: Fischer Excursion 88 vs Outtabounds - Newb

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 9:32 pm
by Zamdrang
Thanks guys, appreciate the words of wisdom. My first outings on XCD gear were on new powder and gave me a bit of a false impression of the overall difficulty I think. Also as a beginner I didn't expect to discover the need for a quiver so damn soon!

I took the Outtabounds on a more tour oriented trip through the forest yesterday. Mostly mild ups and downs in spring corn with a thin crust in the shade and though challenging as it was had a great time.

I can see the Outtabounds (and also assuming the 88s..haven't skied them..still in the return window) aren't the ski for yo yo least for me. But putting them in tour mode as intended sure made some lights come on..I was still slipping on the up, but did see varied enough snow to experience where the scales work better...and worse. I also managed some wedge turns through the trees and was reminded how sweet they glide on the flats.

Considering keeping the 88s and hoping the scale differences improve the grip, I dont have the funds to build a quiver right now which is why I've been questioning them so much. They are for all intents my first real ski purchase...won't be the last but need as much versatility as I can get for now. I do hear loud and clear the advice to find a more turn oriented ski for the yo yo ing. And next year heading the lifts to practice technique as well.

Thanks again...what I've read here from all you guys has been incredibly helpful :)