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Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:53 pm
by sparker1987
Fairly new to the world of XCD, my uncle set me up with some old trak outlands and a pair of Alpina NNNBC boots that I used for a couple years until the sole blew out on me last year.
Skis also had some issues so I found a deal a pair of Fischer Traverse 78s recently and trying to decide what to put on for a binding (NNNBC again or Voile 3 pin cable)
I'm thinking this is a good opportunity to make the move to 3 pin since I don't have much invested yet, I also grabbed a pair of Atomic Tacoras at the end of last season with cartridge Voile bindings and an older pair of Scarpa T2 boots and skins so planning to take those out more than my downhill skis this year to resorts

A little about me: early 30s, 5'11" 180ish lbs, split my time between southern and central VT and Bangor, ME. Plan to take these on golf courses and upper mountain pastures at a couple VT farms, nothing crazy steep but probably get a few good turns in

I guess I'm just looking for someone to justify my already heavy lean towards 3 pin since every shop in the Bangor area keeps telling me 3 pin is dead and I don't believe it from lurking this site for the past couple years

Thanks in advance for any advice! Getting antsy for winter!

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:32 pm
by sparker1987
Also boot recommendations would be fantastic as my head is spinning from boot reviews
From what I gather a welted leather 75mm boot is ideal but a bit out of the price range unless I find something decent on craigslist or consignment
I'm a EU44/45, US 11/11.5, Mondo 27.5/28 depending on brands if anyone has something they are looking to get rid of that might work for my planned setup

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:20 pm
by kniepisler
hi there, i'm currently hunting down a set of 199cm Excursion 88's and plan to put the Voile Traverse 3-pin's on them. I like the flexibility of the removable heel cables for when I do/don't need them.

Freeheel Life currently has the best price that I could find on them.

As for boots, I'm going with the Alpina Alaskas. I have both the Scarpa T4 and Scott Excursions that I use on a set of Sbound 98s w/Voile hardwires and have had nothing but blisters with both. Ultimately going to abandon the ultralight plastic boots and jump up to the Scarpa T2s for my fatter XCDs. I spent a long weekend in ADKs this past winter lugging a loaded pulk in my TX-Comps with not so much as a hotspot, they were comfy... I think the low-cuff on the T4s & Excursions allow my foot to "peel out" of the liner which causes the heel blisters.

Guess my point with all of this is that if you centralize on 3-pin setups, then you can mess around and use different boots on different skis for different types of skiing, flat, frontside, slackside, backside, powder, crust, etc...

Good luck


Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:00 am
by bgregoire
Hi Sparker,

If you are inclined towards the 3-pin, go for it! For those skis, go with either the Rottefella Super Telemark or the Voile mountaineer or 3-pin cable. You probably will not use the cable much with those skis.

If you cannot find a sweet deal on a comfy norwegian welt, go for the Alpina Alaska. Try them out first if you can. It's gotta be comfy.


Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:05 pm
by Woodserson
I used NNN-BC on this ski at first, then switched to 3-pin and had some slightly moderate success as a neophyte skier turning them, then later as I got more skis that turned easier swapped back to NNN-BC and use them just for straight-and-go skis now but now also have the skills/foundation to turn them with NNN-BC. They are not the easiest ski in the Fischer S-Bound line-up to turn, though the Traverse has more rocker. You must be on them and stay on them. I vote for 3pin too in this scenario based on my experience.

3pin is not dead, Alpina Alaska or Crispi Antarctic would be a great boot pairing with this ski and you could use them on slightly larger skis too.

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:28 pm
by sparker1987
Thanks for the advice, all!
Just grabbed the Voile 3-pin off Steep and Cheap for $73 after tax and shipping, just gotta find boots and somehow stay patient waiting for winter. ... 9pbGUgMw==

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:37 pm
by sparker1987
Went with the Crispi Antarctic has them for $235 right now

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:11 pm
by Woodserson
Good classic boot, tough to go wrong. I found the stock laces stretched when skiing, low stretch laces from Scarpa helped. There are other options too, and neat ways to lace as well.

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:53 pm
by sparker1987
Finally dropped them off this afternoon to get mounted, excited to get these out on some snow!
Maine needs some of that mid west weather

Re: Traverse 78 Binding Recommendation

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:52 am
by agrimstad
Good luck. As others have said, 3-pin is far from dead. If you're covering a lot of ground with very easy hills, NNNBC seems fine, although I haven't used it. I use NNN for cross country touring center skiing. Even with skate boots, which have good ankle support, I lack the skill to do anything other than step and wedge turns. Parallel and Tele turns? No can do. With 3-pin, it's a different ball game. I still find it challenging with a lace-up leather boot because of the lack of ankle support. And it's kind of a drag to stop at every downhill to retie the laces so they're as tight as possible to get a bit more support. My preference is for Scarpa's T4 (and Rottefella's Super Telemark 3-pin binding). It's a bit heavy, but I find that it both tours well and turns great. (A good fit is essential, though. I replaced the stock liners with Intuition Logan liners.) So, if you find that that leather Crispi boot doesn't quite cut it for you on the downhills--and if you're really talented, it will--then there is a step up to make turning a bit simpler.