Recommendation for XCd ski for central Alberta foothills

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Re: Recommendation for XCd ski for central Alberta foothills

Post by greatgt » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:57 am

Telekid is @ 6-1 and over 200 lbs.....While back scored a set of 185 e 99's.....To short for me but the Kid likes them as they do as some have said here....You can wicked jump turn....ride the rail....and slice powder on the down....semi floatation on most kinds of powder but when it goes light and deep you will need 210- 220...On those it better be pretty open tree skiing or.....I went to a 205 when I hit my sixties....Now have gotten some 215 Europa's and will use them for breaking and deep powder....(as a back up I have a set of old Noodles that will float on anything....Way big and heavy and not good for anything but down)....If corn snow is good a 215 will just ride like the wind....long sweeping arcs that puts a goofy grin on your face...They also cross streams and major dips with ease....ON easy terrain they cruise really good....up down and all around....Finally with e99's you will ride IN the powder not on the surface and that at times makes all the difference.....TM

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