Good spots in the middle AB Rockies

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Good spots in the middle AB Rockies

Post by RacehorseStu » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:00 pm

I'll be back in the Bow Valley in a couple of weeks and I'm starting to think of where to look for snow...

I'm on Rossi BC110s with 3pin cables and leather boots, so looking for slopes that aren't so steep that I have to start worrying about avalanches (to say nothing of what slopes I might be skiing under!). I've been skiing some of the more well known areas within a couple hours of Canmore (Bow Summit, Burstall Pass, Robertson Glacier, Chester Lake) in past years, but am wondering if anyone here has any less known spots they want to share...maybe some that aren't steep enough to attract all the alpine touring attention.

Heck if you're in the valley we can make it a date!
Skis: Rossignol BC110
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