Own Excursion 88. But need more flotation..

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Re: Own Excursion 88. But need more flotation..

Post by lilcliffy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:15 am

Thanks for the excellent comparison between the FT62 vs S-112. Excellent.
This is my experience as well- and I would include the Guide/Annum along with the S-112- the S-112 and the Annum are VERY similar- the S-112 a little more camber and a bit stiffer- bit of tip rocker- but they are both noodles and bed twist all over the place if pushed downhill.
I agree the FT 62 is a MUCH better downhill ski than the S-112/Annum.

We do need Verskis to speak to the Rabb 68- if my memory serves- he found the Rabb 68 a bit soft and round-flexing when XC skiing in deep powder snow...

Just to be obnoxious and keep other skis in the mix-

IMO my 205cm Ingstad BC is just as stable- if not more stable- than the S-112/Annum in deep snow; is a MUCH more efficient XC ski- and I think that the Ingstad BC turns better than the S-112/Annum as well...

The FT62 is a better downhill ski than the Ingstad BC- the Ingstad a better XC ski.
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Re: Own Excursion 88. But need more flotation..

Post by TheSweed » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:06 pm

Thanks for all the help and input!!!
I was looking yesterday at the Rabb 68 on a norweigen site. Was sooo close to order one but they had it only in 170 and 180cm. That(180) maybe work with my 181 cm. But I was a little skeptical about my 94kg. And they had only Voile 3-pin cable not the Traverse. And like I understad the Traverse version is a better choice..

Tindan 86 sounds really attempting. Speciel in the downhills. But Im not sure. If I really need it were I live with limit snowdeep and hills not big mountains..
About Tindan: How is it in the deeper snow when its not downhill just cross-country skiing? Can you compare it with Ingstad for ex..

An other thing I have been thinking about is to update my Fischer Excursion 88.
My son start with slalom last year I would like to learn and pratice some easy Telemark turns and just try them a little in the small ski resort so i can join him..

Plan was Switch my NNNBC Magnum to either buy a Voile 3-pin Traverse or use a Rottefella Riva III I bought a long time ago(was thinking to put them on some old woodskies "Tegnäs"😁 but never did ).. What do you guys and Girls think?

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Re: Own Excursion 88. But need more flotation..

Post by YakovL » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:53 am

We walk across mountain terrain with height difference 300-400 meters every weekend. I had never had modern BC skis with steel edge or telemark skis till last year. Many years I and my friends have used both old woody ski and Fischer Country Crown (60-52-57 mm) depend on situation. As bindings we use NNN BC predominantly.

This year I have bought Fischer Excursion 88. I had been thinking a long time what kind of bindings get to mounted with and chose NNN BC. Last weekend I have tried this stuff and can say that the ski is really manageable. I can turn with it. Really it is not telemark turns (because I can't do it over my poor skills not ski form) but the ski obeys me. Their configuration is very close to an old school alpine ski (I had started studying alpine skiing with ski like that).

About binding I have heard an opinion that there is no principal difference in control between 75N and NNN BC but boot's inflexsibilities more important. You can use hard plastic boots with 75N. If you don't need it you can use NNN BC with boots like Crispi Svartisen which give you control no worse then 75N with analogical boots. I don't know if is it true because never used 75N but it seems to me at this time F Ex 88 with NNN BC combining is the best chose. it's intuition only.

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