Cobbled down my Garmont Excursions

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Nick BC
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Re: Cobbled down my Garmont Excursions

Post by Nick BC » Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:52 am

Like you Andy, I jumped on a pair of TX's when I heard they were being discontinued. Mainly because I could never get to love my TXPros, they felt like boat anchors after the succession of T2 variants I skied from the early 90's. I took my TXPros out for a ski today and, based upon discussions on EYT mainly cesare, I left the top buckle unlocked and it felt a lot more comfortable and T2 like. So I think I'll remove that top buckle. The third (highest) buckle will then be a bit lower than the TX top buckle, but the TXPro powerstrap is much beefier and seems to do the job based upon today's experience. My only concern is drilling out the ratchet. The notched strap just unscrews.

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Re: Cobbled down my Garmont Excursions

Post by paulzo » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:22 pm

Checked my numbers: my Excursions (29.5) started out at 2316 gms for the pair of shells. The lightest they got with cuffs still on and, with tongues, was 2210. with liners, that would be 2565 gms (stock thermo liners, trimmed here and there)
PEr Skintrack, the F1 Race is 2240 for a pair, with liners. And the F1 Carbon, 1680 gms per pair with liners . Skimpy race liners, no doubt, But still, makes me yearn for a pair. Also per skintrack, pair of F1's, size 27, 2700 gms. That number seems to jibe pretty closely with Andy's F1 weight for just shells, assuming a liner that weighs around what my Excursion liners weigh.
So, my desire for the F1 Race is still there, I just have very little hope of finding a pair. It seems likely to me that given the weight difference between the original F1 and the F1 Race, and anecdotal reports of a more flexible sole, there may be more of a difference in the lower half of the boot than immediately meets the eye. If only I could stop thinking about the unattainable.

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Re: Cobbled down my Garmont Excursions

Post by Munsi » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:46 pm

Sweet. Great craftsmanship.

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