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Re: NNN BC - ski width

Post by MartinF » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:21 am

Taking absolutely everything said here into consideration and along with other research, I decided to go for Vaulé 3-Pin Cable bindings and a Rossignol BC X-12 boot for the Rossi BC 110 skis. Both already ordered.

I'm staying with NNN BC (Rossi BC X-10 boot) for my Salomon XADV89 and for my Fischer E99 skis.

Almost none of my touring will be in skin territory. I do want some turning power, but I still went with the Rossi boot for 75mm because kick and glide is equally important to me... and because I all but know they will fit me well (the X-10 do and so did the X-6).

It will be tough, I know, but I will also try to improve my tele skills with the 110s. Fortunately, I can easily reach a snowdome as often as I like, year round. (Unfortunately, of course, it's currently closed due to the pandemic.)

P.S. When I need equipment for true Alpine tours, I can easily hire AT stuff and feel much safer on it in steep terrain. That's just me, an Alpine skier at heart. :-( But I don't want the constant mode changes and boring descents on gentler slopes, which is why the AT-Nordic hybrid setups don't appeal to me much.

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