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Re: Ski Movies

Postby Cannatonic » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:28 pm

great old movies!! almost everything we think we've done has been done even better by our elders! At Jackson Hole in the 90's there were epic stories of the place in the 60's and 70's when there were few tourists, mostly just locals skiing the tram every run with ropes and rules in short supply.

For example people said Pepi Steigler used to love to drop into Laramie Bowl on powder days not by the marked traverse but by launching 70-foot drops off the cliffs above the bowl, an area now totally roped off and closed. This was long before "TGR" and advertising hype even existed. In the early 90's absolutely people were ski mountaineering radical stuff in flimsy tele cable bindings. The gear of choice was usually some alpine slalom skis with cables bindings and Alico double leather boots.

it's interesting to look back now. My ski friends made fun of me snowboarding on deep powder days. they had no idea! I was the only one on the mountain with good flotation. Now all skis are basically made like my snowboard was back then so people aren't sucking wind on powder days. Telemark and AT hasn't fundamentally changed, the gear just favors the downhill now instead of the uphill/touring part.

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Re: Ski Movies

Postby Harris » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:29 am

Cannatonic wrote:Telemark and AT hasn't fundamentally changed, the gear just favors the downhill now instead of the uphill/touring part.

I very much remember when I switched from lace-up, low-top Asolo Extremes, which were the boot of choice for resort tele in the early 80's, to the new fangled leather double boot, plastic cuffed Merril SuperComps. I had dreamed for such a boot. But my first day out on them I couldn't ski them worth a crap; they were too stiff. They eventually broke in and I loved them dearly, but it is funny: only in certain circumstances would I say I skied them better. They recovered better; they handled variable chop better; they were better for going bigger, but did they necessarily turn better on groomed slope, tight or otherwise? Not really. It was a huge plus to no longer have to wear gators. I hated gators.

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