Question - Fischer E99 Easy Skin Xtralite

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Re: Question - Fischer E99 Easy Skin Xtralite

Post by lilcliffy » Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:47 pm

Eärendil wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:00 am
Which year did Fischer make the switch to Nordic rocker on E99?

I have to say, in the conditions I ski, I mostly appreciate the rocker or at least I am not bothered by it. Then again, I haven’t skied on the previous version.

For me the Offtrack Crown pattern vastly outweighs any other shortcomings. The grip is just amazing even though I am underweight for the 210 ski. In climbs where others have to herringbone, I can ski straight up. Sure you lose some speed downhill due to drag, but overall not something that bothers me.

Don't get me wrong- I love the E99 Xtralite-
Though I do think that the amount of tip-shovel rocker is a little over the top for a distance-oriented ski-
- I love the way the E99 Xtralite planes at downhill speeds and the turn intiation all of that tip rocker facilitates-
- the combination of the shovel rocker, the soft shovel-tip, and the flexible tail make the E99 Xtralite remarkably easy to turn for such a stiff cambered ski underfoot- they are certainly easier to turn than the Gamme 54 IMO.

- I find the very soft shovel on the E99 Xtralite unstable in very deep soft snow.
- I hate all of that tip rocker when skiing through breakable crust.

When the snow conditions are perfect- the E99 Tour Xtralite is the stuff of XCd kick wax dreams!

The Offtrack Crown insert is fabulous- agree. However I don't get as much use out of my E99 Crown Xtralite on my local spring snow as I would like-
- the nights are very cold here in the spring- producing hard icy refrozen snow in the morning- making my cambered 210cm E99 Crown very slippery (I wold probably get better grip on a 200cm E99 Crown in the early sping morning here).
- the spring afternoons warm up GREATLY and the meters deep snow rots rapidly- the soft shovel of the E99 Crown being dangersously unstable in that deep rotten snow.
When the snow is warm, wet and consolidated the E99 Crown Xtralite is the stuff of XCd dreams!
(But I don't get a lot of consolidated corn snow to ski on here locally.)
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