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Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:30 pm
by Rokjox
A certain selection of the kind of things I want to do are usually enumerated as places you should not go and tings you should not do alone. I thing its because of a syndrome called "Gone Missing". Most of this stuff is a lot like sex anyway. Its better and you last longer with another person involved.

Tell you what, if you Kalis show up, we understand you are not allowed to own modern weaponry and you might feee; a little shy about admitting how unskilled you are, what with such limited chance to practice with real guns. So I promise to let you shoot anything I might have with me, if appropriate opportunity manifests. Its legal for a Kali as long as a Idaho, Montana or Wyoming Cowboy is present. Or any actual citizen of any other Western State.

I won't tell your Governor, either. In Idaho we don't snitch to your government. We don't have much contact since Arnie stopped pretending he was from Kali, for political purposes, anyway.

You don't actually get your extended rights under Idaho Law unless you repudiate your Kali citezenship and get your fucking CAR LICENSES replaced with Idaho DMV plates. Pay your way deadbeats, (our car/RV plates are a fucking BARGAIN anyway, you poor Hollowood hypnotized and forever ripped off fools.) As long as I am there, you won't get arrested for playing with things beyond your conprehension and citizenship civil rights payscale.

((How is it again that Kali explains to you guys that I have more rights than you do? .... Riiight...... THATS RICH all right...and those taxes, too. Suckers, what do you get for THAT?))

Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:14 am
by MikeK
Hey Rokjox, you loudmouth drunk! Check your mail.

Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:01 pm
by MikeK
I wonder what happened to Rokjox - I hope a wolf didn't eat him!

Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:18 pm
by Rokjox
I still need a new partner. See the previous post(s).

So all that hardguy stuff of actually going out and riding a bike a mile is gone. The more or less regular Saturday event , low key as it usually was during the time, due to my son having a torn gizmo in his wrist or some such, needing healing. We had managed to visit a range to sightin and shoot some stuff in the rain, do a few hikes.

As it got OK by the doc, we started doing better daysagain. Among other things, we went and spent a couple trips skiing, one at the local lift and the other was an 8 mile lap on Pilot peak. Rode bikes into untrailed areas and wandered around volcanic cliffs near the Snake. Began to talk about climbing again. Only one day a week, but thats what He (I) got.

Well THAT looks like the good old days.

The son has aches and headaches, migranes occasionally. So he goes to a Chiroquacker who at the end of the visit does the neck cracker twisty thing. Out the door.

A few minutes later his headaches comes back, gets worse. He lays down, then goes to bed until morning when he cannot hardly get out of bed. Eventually his wife takes him to a doc-in-the-box in a nearby town and as they observe him sitting on the floor sagged over they realize he has had a stroke. About 12 hours ago.

Seems the Chiro twisted his head enough to tear the arteries on both sides of his neck leading into the brain and the resulting bloodclots had plugged something important. Leading to necrosis of the brain areas affected. Actual MRI observable holes in the brain.

Fucking lovely, 32 years old. He is, as I write this, completely recovered. No thanks to the Chiroquack.

I have had no days out for much of the time since. Screw his wrist, the docs were worried that with all the blood thinners to disolve clots they might move something they didn't see and cause another stroke. No rushing about and getting his heart all pumped up at all. And getting a bad cut right then, bad, so is unadvisable to be very far away from a hospital. An hour? Thats too much, no walking that far even on a trail.

So I have been working on fencelines, plumbing and lots of car work. Somebody shoot me.

Kids progressing fine, you could never tell what happened even a few days later. Most of the destruction was in the lower brain, "balance center". Doc said that if you had to have a stroke, that was where you'd chose to have one. His balance is fine, I done tested it. By spring he will be allowed to run off leash a little.

We have been doing a couple walks now, most only a couple miles each way so we are going overland. Its cheating a little, but we can go slow off trail and still get to interesting areas pretty quick. Close to the car that I ocassionally will beat pretty hard to get it in close to the place of interest. Most recently we did a five mile trail loop, cheating on the longer switchbacks (in a responsible way, of course). Actually cut off maybe a mile or more at the trade of a few hiundred feet of vertical here and there.

So I am back to having one day a week with him, when lucky. MUCH reduced activity until the doc agrees he can make his heart thump a little louder. I am told there are 7 days in a week, hard to remember what I used to do with the other days.

Don't let the Backcracker crack you neck. Doc says this was the fourth Chiro-(induced)-stroke he saw last year.

Wanted: New Shotgun.

Alms, ...alms for the bored ...
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Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:49 pm
by MikeK
Geez man, sorry to hear about your son. I'm glad he's recovering. That's some SHIT right there.

I stopped going to the backcrackers myself a few years back because they weren't helping. I'm not really sure what does, but it seems to come and go these days. I'd rather deal with that than a friggin' stroke though. Christ!

Partners... bahhh... who needs 'em? 'Cept when you are twisted up like a pretzel with bones sticking through your skin or under 4' of snow... but that's rare here in the east. Suppose you can limit that risk out west too if you're smart. I always look at pictures of all this big line stuff and see about 1000 other things I would ski to stay out of avy danger.

I guess I like being alone these days though. I hear that happens when you get older. More people can't stand me too. So it works out for everyone I guess... except the older you get, the more fragile you are and more likely someone should be keeping an eye on you. Get a dog I guess?

What is it girl? Mike fell in a well again? :mrgreen:

Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:57 pm
by Rokjox
Son is OK. We took a seven mile walk Sat with a buddy, moved quick, held back a little for the sake of the buddy. He gets the next MRI in a month, maybe they will clear him for things that make the blood more turmultous.

Still I got a lot of time. Got in a Thursday ski trip with an old bud, so I am not wasting my entire retirement. Or whatever this is. Thats what they invented lifts for.

Geezers and Deadbeats Patrol. Who else can ski midweek?

Re: Partner needed -- Earth (~ N43.6, W116.2)

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:07 pm
by MikeK
Can't take yer dog on the lift though...