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Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:05 pm
by Rokjox
EYT admitted that they did the post delete. For some reason they actually apologized, a little. TGR says they have no idea what happened, but that they retained a guy to address spam, and he most likely deleted a post from the "partners wanted" threads; and I suppose that was their answer.

I do agree with you some as to the importance of my lost post, I absolutely do NOT agree that it's unimportant. Not if you ever want to get a better site, better posters, more interesting topics. I DO think its kinda rude, to actually call someone out by NAME, then to Lose the response you actually CALLED for. But as you say, being delicate is not your thing ... or being sensitive, I suppose, to any duty to your posters. I understand that, I ain't delicate either. Hell, many days I don't even wear undies and I always smell good, even without deodorant. Just like you; we are almost the same-same.

I takes a lot of time to make even the most rudimentary posts, even if you can touch type at a reasonable speed. A GOOD post takes a lot of time, usually some links, maybe a picture you have to scan and host up. Having posts disappear WILL kill you with high quality posters.

Of course, if you ARE satisfied with the kind of short-winded postings you usually get (and make?), well then, I guess you WANT to live within the status-quo, and do NOT want to grow the site. Thats cool. It's Slacker, but thats cool by definition, IF you're actually a slacker.

How much time do you think I will put into this sites posts if I expect to get things "Gone Missing"? How much will other posters put in?

When a topic grabs me, I been known to put HOURS into deep composition and structuring a post. That kind of thing encourages people to respond in kind, and frequently if the subject actually gets hot. That makes a site's metrics SPIN and makes Alexa think you got something worth buying. It draws new blood into the site. If this were a BUSINESS, you might put more weight to that.

But OK, that whole growth thing doesn't fascinate you, you WANT to be posting in/on an obscure and lonely website. I can get that. Thanks for your deeply felt sense of responsibility and personal concern for my minor frustration. I can feel your compassion, its like a wave of Motherhood, Charity and Love washing over me.

You will get lonely, but some women like that.

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:54 pm
by MikeK
If you are attempting to be humorous, touche! If not, you are taking what I wrote entirely the wrong way. I made it a point to say I don't and won't interfere with your posts, and I don't fret when I lose my OWN - I never made any mention of whether yours was important or not. Also I had the same idea of just sayin' Occam's razor, but I instead gave you a suggestion which I sometimes do if I'm crafting something I don't want to lose; that is, back it up and don't trust software or mods (even though I'm telling you, you can trust me - a bit ironically as well).

Obviously I was bustin' your chops a little bit because I know you claim to be out in Boise and ride a MTB. Other than that it's just sharing a funny and somewhat sad story.

If you look at a lot of what I post, there is probably some element of sarcasm or maybe some ongoing forum joke within it. You may not get it, that's OK - we all go to parties where we don't always get all the humor. I don't always get all yours, but I think I get most... as much as I want to read into I suppose... well you know, this isn't the perfect medium for communication - some things like sarcasm can get lost in translation. You have to know your audience, and they have to know you a bit. But that takes time. I feel like I get you, I've read quite a bit of what you've put out there. I'm not sure you can say the same of me, but no matter... I assure you I'm not that interesting. I kind of thought you were getting my serious and sarcastic mix of points and my friendly jests at some of your past trouble on internet forums.

As far as what this forum is or becomes, that's not for me to decide. That's for other posters to decide. They decided they didn't want Ron, and he didn't take that well. They aren't all posting now, but it's a ski forum and it's summer, so I wouldn't worry about numbers too much.

Also I was kinda serious when I said we are just a bunch of autistic skitards, cuz us regulars kinda are... don't take that personal. I'm including myself in that as much or more than anyone else.

Trust us or not, I know the guy who owns this forum - he means no ill will toward anyone and neither do I.

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:38 am
by Johnny
Hey Rokjox, I'm sorry about that... The server is very slow, maybe the page just didn't loaded as soon as you clicked on save/preview...?

Just to make it clear:

1- I never, never deleted a single post here and I never will. Not even posts from people telling me how bad I suck. Not even any of Ron's bullshit, except when he asked me to do it.

2- I never wear undies, I never use deodorant, and I can smell good for at least 5 days.

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:12 pm
by Rokjox
Latest local news about the TP Ignitor...

Seems it was a he... and the judge has said that he gets to pay for the costs of the fire... something between $50 and $75 thousand dollars... He will be allowed to design his own payment plan, which likely means $25 a month for the rest of his life.

I actually think its appropriate. I would much rather hance a pile of shit or even a pile of TP covered shit than a hillside ablaze. Burning dung filled tp is stupid and not very effective at best...

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:46 am
by MikeK
Seems fitting. Glad he didn't get away with it. We can't have rogue, shit burning pyros running about in our wild lands. People really need to learn to shit in the woods - get back to our roots. It should be a boy scout badge or something...

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 10:38 am
by Rokjox

Re: OK Rokjox, fess up, we know it was you!

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:20 pm
by Clotilde14
MikeK wrote: taxi Airport

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