2015 Fischer E-109 Crown

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Re: 2015 Fischer E-109 Crown

Postby lilcliffy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:59 am

This ski is remarkably turny for a XC ski- with significant camber and stiffness underfoot- to the point that it makes them a bit squirrelly when XC skiing on dense/hardpack snow- they are fine on a broken out track, but the rockered tips make them feel short and squirrelly when XC skiing on compacted/groomed, and/or dense and hard windswept snow.

They perform best on relatively shallow soft snow over a dense, stable base- in these conditions the E109 is a fabulous XC ski for hilly/mountainous terrain- offering excellent XC performance, and frankly quite amazing downhill performance, with those rockered tips.

It is so unstable in truly deep, soft snow to be almost useless- hard to believe, but the narrower E99 is actually better in deep soft snow!

At this width, even the Fischer's aggressive Off-Track Crown scales offer limited traction- prepare to need skins for any serious backcountry skiing with this ski- unless you are on ideal warm, wet snow.

The addition of the Easy-Skin would be a great upgrade- but I guess there is the Traverse 78- but it does not come in lengths over 190cm...

The waxable E-109 Tour Easy-Skin is a better ski than this one.
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