2015 Åsnes Combat NATO

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Re: 2015 Åsnes Combat NATO

Postby lilcliffy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:48 am

Wel,l I am increasingly convinced that this is a deep snow, distance-oriented ski.

The XC and climbing performance of this ski in deep soft snow is truly amazing for such a narrow ski. The combination of low profile, but resistant camber underfoot; full-length, stable flex; and kick-ass trail-breaking tip; make this ski a deep snow mile-crushing machine.

(They have now replaced my 195cm Annums for distance-oriented tours in very deep snow.)

These skis offer wonderful, open, wide-radius turns- if you have the room.

If you need to downhill ski tight lines- these skis are so wonderfully light, that they can easily be forced into step/jump and striding turns- even with light soft BC-XC touring boots (I am currently skiing on these with Alpina Alaska BC boots).

If you want to be able to completely overpower or drive this ski in downhill turns- you need Telemark boots and bindings (surprise :shock: ;) ).

These skis do not have the round flex of a downhill/Telemark ski- they have the flex of a XC ski- that is finely tuned for deep, soft snow, and climbing steep terrain.

They are acceptable- if not high-performance- XC skis on dense, compacted trails. They are not as fast on dense snow as truly double-cambered skis like the E-99/Glittertind. ( I now have a pretty clean broken out tracks on my backwoods trail loops (5-15kms)- I took the 210cm E99 Tour out late yesterday afternoon and absolutely crushed about 10kms- significantly faster than the Combat Nato on a dense, stable base.)

They are much faster XC skis than very soft distance-oriented skis like the Madshus Eon- and of course, not only faster than, but also track straighter than wider, more curvy hybrid skis (e.g. Epoch/S-98/Annum/S-112). All of these hybrid skis greatly sacrifice XC performance for moderate downhill performance.

If you want a BC distance-oriented Nordic touring ski- and you need/want to cruise in deep, soft snow- the Combat Nato in a traditional full XC length.

BTW- Asnes has redesigned the Ingstad- review and discussion already started elsewhere on this site- they are continuing to make the Combat Nato. Good stuff.
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