Alico Ski March Boot

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by bgregoire » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:10 am

More thoughts for Nitram, in the hopes he can be a hero and abstain from compulsive shopping! ;)

Although I cannot stand cables (3-pin traverse) with a softish leather boot, several friends with very big feet swear by 'em. This surely has to do with the mechanics of the system. I think the 3-pin traverse with cables on and your 47EU Alaskas just might be a very interesting match for your Rabbs. Check it out.

One of the serious issues with the Ski March is the fit. My guess is the fit is great for like 1 in 3 or 4 people. For many, its just so way off there is nothing to do with them. If you cannot get the fit right, that super stiff sole is going to promote blister-galore. You might be able to shape 'em with time, but a lot of time and extra investment (boot wideners) might be required. Keep in mind you are taking your chances buying a pair. Plus, it can be hard to know if you will receive a R (normal), W (wide) or L (???).
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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by fisheater » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:34 pm

You are absolutely correct, no need to keep buying gear. Ben it is also true that many people have experienced fit problems with the Ski March. The stiff leather of the upper, and stiff sole would be instruments of torture if the boot didn’t fit.
If you guys in Quebec keep dry powder all winter would be another reason to get by with a lighter boot. Wind, and sun crust do funny things to a ski, as does crud, and wet mashed potatoes snow.
As far as the Ski March, you need to be a 12 US / 11 UK to purchase new. The two sizes smaller are unavailable. Another thing to think about with the Ski March is break in. My dog walks are 2-3 miles. I was walking the dog 3-4 nights, and I walked the dog for a month before I skied in them.
I have my doubts about non-Norwegian welt 75 mm boots, but if you own them, you should try to ski them. I am looking forward to a review of another molded sole 75 mm boot that should be coming to the review section this winter.

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