Alico Ski March Boot

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Postby Jara » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:03 am

So, I bought ALICO Ski march Boots from the army shop. If they are real Alico, made in Italy.... I do not know. They have logo on the side. I recommend to go for a 2size higher then your real length of foot. My mondo is 25cm so first I ordered UK5. But to short and narrow. So I ordered size 7. Size 7 seems ok, but it feels still narrow a bit on side. I guess I need to get use to it. On some higher sizes they make also wide E fitting. Exterier of the boots look really great. Interier looks a bit poor. The Inside lining fabric around the ankles and shoe inside tongue is like strong/hard kitchen paper towel.
I am keeping my shoes. I am planning to buy Voile 3 pin binding with the cable or Heavy duty Rottefella 3 pin binding.
I do not think they would fit to the normal BC 3 pin cross country binding. The Duck bill on Alico is shorter and wider.

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Postby randoskier » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:43 pm

These are excellent boots, the US Marines just bought 2,500 pairs of them to go with the 2,500 pairs of Asnes Combat NATO skis they just bought. They have been training a lot with the Norwegians and have a rotating deployment up there now. I think they were a bit embarrassed by: a. their in-the-closet-since-the-80s gear (bunny boots for ski boots!) b. their utter lack of skiing ability The corps vows to change all that now.

Sorry I digress- these are very good boots and a steal for the money. They are made of Amfibio leather which is made at a tannery a few KMs from where I live- it has made fine ski boot leather for ages. Alico is a few KMs the other direction- most of the world's ski boots are or were made here, Alico still is. I skied two Scandi tours with these boots last year. My only major gripe about them is that they do not come in half sizes and I am an exact half-sizer, so I have more room in them than I would like. This year I am going to try out bc magnum bindings (gasp!) and the Madshus Glittertind boot. I head up to Norway on 7 April and will write s blurb when I surface again.

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Postby fisheater » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:20 pm

Rando, I am happy to hear these boots are still made, thank you. I think NNN-BC is the right binding for your adventure, and all I own is 75 mm. I look forward to your the log of your trip. I look forward to the photos and the stories of a long ski trip. May your flats glide well, and your downhills be soft, may the sun warm your face, but not mush the snow, and may you have good cabin mates, and may we read of a great adventure.


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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Postby martin2007 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:39 pm

The boots arrived today as scheduled. Wow! Really look like quality boots! Glad I ordered a size smaller than my usual. They're stiff, especially around the cuffs. I usually take a EURO 44/US 10. These are UK 9's and are definitely not too small. I suspect breaking these in will require patience and strategy.

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