Asnes Mountain Race 48 SKIN

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Re: Asnes Mountain Race 48 SKIN

Postby Cannatonic » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:05 pm

I'm OK with some "innovation", these companies that make our gear have to survive & remain profitable. It reminds me of music, for example the first few Soundgarden albums rocked but then they had to do "Black Hole Sun" commercial-sounding stuff for a few albums to make money, I'm cool with that! :lol:

I remember buying a pair of Salomon XC skis from Akers to replace some old 210 Kharus and the longest option was like 201cm. Within 10 minutes out on the skis I'm thinking "these are slow as molasses! what is wrong"....the science of physics is what was wrong - 200cm does not glide as fast as 210cm. I donated those skis to the AMC youth sports program.

it seems like Asnes is thriving as people realize they still make traditional length XC skis and waxing skis and nobody else does. People in Norway are smarter than here.....the country is currently obsessed with playing chess! ... rlsen.html
The Magnus Effect: Norway Falls Hard for Chess
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Re: Asnes Mountain Race 48 SKIN

Postby Johnny » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:22 pm

There should only be 200 to 250cm XC skis. With different camber and weight ratings. Similar to the racing XC skis where you can buy soft, medium or stiff versions of the same size...
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Re: Asnes Mountain Race 48 SKIN

Postby Woodserson » Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:42 pm

Johnny wrote:
If only they could make 210cm skinnies with a camber for lightweight skinny guys... 8-)
(This is called vintage decambered skis, my favorite...!)

This is why I really love wood skis, I can gently adjust the camber of the course of an off-season to my personal preference with how I block the ski.

The Sondre has slightly lower weight ratings for their length, 205cm for 75-90kg...

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