Review: Altai KOM 174cm

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Review: Altai KOM 174cm

Postby Woodserson » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:28 pm

Ok, so this is bit of an unfair baloney teaser, and the real review is coming if we get some snow. I just want to say that I have a pair, I have skied said pair, and I am sitting here tonight totally amazed that I have never had a bad day on my KOM's. I have had days when I wish I WAS on KOMs, but when I chose KOMs for a particular day or mission, they have never disappointed me or let me down. They are not for every single type of skiing out there, but if you choose them for what they were designed to do, (soft snow, powder, tight trees, tight situations, crust on top of snow, tight packed trails-- basically you want quick shmeeary turning and stability in weird situations) they just rip and plaster a big shiteating grin on my face. Very dry hardpacked snow is a little weird because the scales IMO hate this, and boilerplate is eeehhh probably not today.

I love my KOM's both the 162 and 174. The 174 is better in deep powder (18"/45cm) when dropping knees because the tip doesn't catch, but is just as quick turning as the 162.

If you are going to have some XMAS money and you're on the fence... KOMs are GO.

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Re: Review: Altai KOM 174cm

Postby lilcliffy » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:56 pm

I love my Koms too- and would have bought the 174cm if I had bought them new...

Which length would you have if you only had one?

I wish I had the time to enjoy my Koms more- I need to drive a bit to get to hills/mountains big enough to really suit them...
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