Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Ingstad BC

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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Ingstad BC

Post by Woodserson » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:46 pm

mike202 wrote:
Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:15 pm
I am looking to purchase a pair of Ingstads. Do you guys suggest the waxless or waxable base? I'm in Montana- mostly dry snow and long climbs/long descents. Some rolling terrain. Do you have any recommendations for short and long skins? Mohair vs Nylon?
Mohair is way faster in almost every snow conditions. I have used my nylons a few times and every time wish I had just stuck with my mohairs, even in wet conditions. The nylons are incredibly grippy.

If you have consistently cold snow (less than 31) most of the time, I would go with WAX and learn to grip wax and use the X-Skins for the wet or spring days. I prefer a WAX ski over a non-wax and I've used my Asnes mohairs plenty here in New England on what would normally be a non-wax day to with little issue. Here in New England I could probably go 50/50 on which ski, but if your snow is dry and cold, WAX is the way to go, unless you absolutely don't want to deal with waxing. The Asnes waxless base is very nicely designed and doesn't overdo it.

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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Ingstad BC

Post by lilcliffy » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:19 am

Hey Mike202-

I second Woods' recommendation for the waxable Ingstad BC- especially if you have long periods of consistent cold, dry snow.

If you want to use this same ski on wet, consolidated spring snow- then you might consider the waxless version and grip wax it as well.

Last season I abandoned glide wax on even my waxless-scaled touring skis and have been using a hard grip wax as my base. I am thrilled with the results. It has GREATLY improved the performance of the ski in cold dry snow and they perform great in sping conditions- also saving me from fussing over trying to get glide wax just right when it is very cold and refrozen in the early morning, yet warm and wet in the afternoon. Our early spring nights are very cold- producing cold, icy refrozen snow in the morning, and warm wet snow in the afternoon sun.

I have one scaled ski left in my quiver to grip wax- my Altai Kom, and grip wax may just save it from being culled from my quiver.

Forgive my ramblings- many skiers have sneered at me for grip waxing my waxless touring skis, but it certainly works for my local skiing!
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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Ingstad BC

Post by Cannatonic » Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:20 pm

>>Forgive my ramblings- many skiers have sneered at me for grip waxing my waxless touring skis, but it certainly works for my local skiing!

no sneering! this is following the teaching of "Pinnah" and many others. For Montana I would take waxing Ingstads all the way! Get a pair of mohair Xskins to "cover your bases" for all conditions. I've gone almost completely to waxing bases, I keep a trusty older pair of Sbound 78's for fishscale action on wet snow. They're perfect for yo-yoing turns on short laps in the spring, the one area where kicker skins aren't good.

The nylon skins are great for climbing & feel a lot like full skins, but much smaller & easier to carry. Putting them on & removing them is easier too. I suggest getting the widest nylon Xskin possible and maybe a narrower mohair one.
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