Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Gamme 54 BC

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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Gamme 54 BC

Post by fisheater » Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:21 am

Hello GCW, congratulations on making the right length decision for you. However for me at 190 lbs / 86 kg, Åsnes places me in the middle of the 200 cm range, and I am on the 210 cm. I really only ended up on the correct length for me, because there were other skiers on this site, that were a bit lighter than me, and on 210 cm skis that encouraged me to go longer.
So as far as the recommended weight size chart, I don’t think of it as a Bible. It’s more of a reasonable place to start.
I enjoyed reading about you finding your “kick”. I am not a trained XC skier, I came to this from resort Telemark. So I remember finding my “kick” well. I don’t live in an area with a thriving Nordic tradition, and I guess it wouldn’t matter if there was because it would probably be race centric and I am a back country guy. The best advice I can give is have fun, and you will develop a natural kick. Now I’ve been at this for a while, and always had fun, but somewhere along the line things just come together. The kick motion becomes easy, not effort. That doesn’t mean that more focus isn’t required in certain snow conditions, but focus isn’t effort. What I mean by focus, is when I have excellent grip and glide I find myself launching off the ball of my foot. When I slip, I need to FOCUS on launching off a flat foot to not slip.
I also think all my kick and glide skiing improved when I started skiing on my Gamme. However for me, I had been kicking and gliding for more than a few years. The power of the camber of the Gamme in release and positive grip allowed my to become a much faster skier. To be able to kick and gain speed while going down a grade at speed already! Although there definitely is a speed limit to that sort of thing. However, I now ski single cambered XCD skis faster, solely because what I learned from skiing Gamme.
So when I say just have fun and ski. It’s because I know you will think intellectually about your technique. I think it’s natural. However what I’ve learned since I began, and the improvement to my kick and glide that became part of my skiing from skiing the Gamme, that now I have on all my skis. It’s all muscle memory!
The one thing I find myself intellectually reminding myself is the first thing I learned alpine skiing. That is flex the knees! Since I’m not a trained track skier, I have no idea if that is counter to established technique. However when skiing in the backcountry, the old adage, flex the knees makes all the difference in the world.

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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Gamme 54 BC

Post by The GCW » Sun Feb 14, 2021 12:23 pm


I've got a good grip (intended pun) on kick and glide. Been on Fischer E99 Crown's since 2006. Since I don't know how to tele, K&G is an ever-present honed focus. Pure fun. Hardly think during the different minute change ups between constant quick changes in conditions, terrain, dry powder snow, sometimes next to slick track, bumps humps, different levels of waxing success and how they work better or not as good on all those different dynamics etc.

When the wax is good - perfect, it's still sometimes not as good for short particular instances with those ever changing dynamics.
When wax is not as good but still ok, sometimes it is perfect here and there when going around a corner, etc.

Along with flexing the knees, be sure to also flex the back. Imagine playing soccer: (while) standing up and suddenly moving. In the ready set position with knees bent and back also bent toward the objective, motion is quicker and more efficient. And then there's the arms. It's the whole body.

It is: "It’s all muscle memory!"

What's new for Me is wax.

That is working very well for Me, however, primarily with the help of this forum.

Another poster pointed out how perhaps the Gamme isn't a good beginner ski, I think for kick and glide but also regarding wax.

Forum topics ranging from lilcliffy and Pinnah's along with many other posts including the newbie wax post from Breck...
Wax is good.

Better kick and better glide that My E-99's. When things are not dialed their as good as the Fischer's.

With all the help, here, I haven't had a wax failure: only wax adjustments.

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Re: Ski Review: 2018-2019 Åsnes Gamme 54 BC

Post by The GCW » Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:43 pm


I just re-read Your last post, and I can relate to what I believe You're describing.

Succeeding on the GAMME makes a skier improve.

And other post's regarding the Gamme:
-It's a sports car.
-It's not for a beginner waxer.
* I can relate to them too.

I don't mind stopping to adjust wax (many times), figure it out and learn... (love learning) -addicted to learning.

Wide, wide range of terrain changes, temperature changes. -Today going from packed frozen trail to untracked with some sign of where skiers were before last snow; going from overnight low of 11°F to 21°F starting out to 33° to 35° when gettin back, with areas of sun, clouds etc. It's a beautiful game.

Experiencing how Gamme grabs better on every minute convex piece of snow, how it behaves different just off the sides of packed trail, quick decision making is rewarded. A great wax job isn't great everywhere: where You are standing has more then one option where to place the ski in order to gain traction. Sometimes, dealing with a short term, short comings, so that up ahead, where You know, it will be shaded, things will get better.

The Oh's and the Ah's,

Any and all waxing achievements I've experienced are due directly to this website.

And I get to ski again tomorrow.

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