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Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:37 am
by Johnny
It’s the question people have been asking me since I first posted my review of the Rabb 68. So Johnny, what is the difference between the Rabb 68 and the Falketind 62? They are very similar, yet they can be used for several different things. They are the closest brothers of the Tind Family: In width order, Falketind 62, Rabb 68, Nosi 76 and Tindan 86.
18,7m (180)
1.020 g per ski (180 cm)
The FT62 is classified as a backcountry ski according to Asnes. Unlike the Rabb 68, the FT62 has a groove track in the base for better XC performance. It has a “Marked Chamber”, which would translate into something like a camber-and-a-quarter. Or classic alpine camber with guts. Or true alpine camber with a bit of resistance. It has very nice Nordic Rockered tips and very surfy tails.

It is very, very light. The lightest DH ski you can get. Its light weight and narrow profile make it a tiny bit easier to control than the Rabb. With leathers, almost no muscle power is required to control them, no matter if you are skiing rolling hills or 45deg slopes. They just ski like magic. You can almost see a trail of stardust behind the tails when you go down. Edge hold is surprisingly good on harder snow despite the huge NR tips. And the tails add that magic surfy touch anywhere you ski.

The FT62 is an amazing do-it-all backcountry nordic ski that can turn on a dime, anywhere. It reminds me of the old Alpina Light/Cross Terrain ski series, but a million times better. A real Jedi ski for XCD skiers with a very high midichlorian count.

RABB 68:
17,2 m (180 cm)
1130g per ski (180 cm)

Now the Rabb 68 is classified as an Alpine Touring ski. Technically, it’s very similar to the Falketind 62. In fact, the previous version of the Rabb 68 was called the Falketind 68. But it got redesigned and renamed to become the model actually on the market. The Rabb has the same camber as the FT62. Same Nordic Rocker tips, tails, flex and camber profile. The difference is the width, the more pronounced sidecut profile and the lack of the groove under the ski.

On snow, they perform slightly differently. Again, they turn like crazy. The quickest reacting ski ever made. The Rabb turns by itself, no muscle power required. They are easier to turn than the FT62, mostly due to their more aggressive sidecut profile and the lack of groove. But being slightly wider than the FT62, they require a tad more power to drive them on the groomers. But that is only for comparison purposes, because really, the Rabbs are just THE easiest planks to ski. The easiest ski for beginners to learn the turn, and a pure delight for advanced and extreme tele-skiers. Rabb 68s = XCD Surf Goddesses.

The Rabb is a pure downhill ski that can tour like a rock star. A big mountain ski packed into a tiny, nordic container. Think about K2 Pontoons shrunk into a superlight XCD format with a crazy SL sidecut. Or even better, an ultra-light cross-country version of the legendary Head GTO ski.

Of course both models can be customized to your tastes with grip wax or any of your favorite X-Skins for either climbing or touring. Yes, the FT62 has slightly better tracking abilities. It's a XC ski made to turn. The Rabb is more touring than XC... Its huge sidecut is not the best for tracking on packed trails, but with X-Skins on untouched snow, it's a super touring machine... The good news is that they are both AMAZING skis. But the bad news is that really, you will need them both at some point.

Almost the same ski, one for XCd skiers and another one for xcD skiers...

Please Crister, tell Frank and Asbjørn that we NEED fishscales on these beauties…
(And on the upcoming KingTind 106 too... Pleeeaase!) 8-)

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:42 pm
by lilcliffy
I have a vision of a couple pair of Rabb 68s with Mags mounted on them for me and my ski partner Shawn...
Though I might need a third or fourth for my wife and son if I ever hope to wrestle them from them...

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:44 pm
by lilcliffy
The amount of fun I have doing endless laps with my FT62 this winter is just ridiculous.
How to turn even 30m of vertical into downhill fun with a XC boot = FT62.

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:45 pm
by lilcliffy
Totally dig the Star Wars reference points my fellow Knight.

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:45 pm
by fisheater
Johnny, great job on the comparison between the two skis. The Rabb 68 sounds like a heck of a ski. I was wondering if the Rabb was stiffer than the Falketind? If I was to guess, I wouldn't think the difference would be significant as the Tindan isn't really significantly stiffer. While I encourage anybody reading these reviews to take Johnny's and Gareth's advice, please know I am not in the least bit disappointed with the Falketind 62. Rest assured I have no problems making turns either.
I will see if I can get by with a Gamme, Falketind, and Tindan before I buy anymore skis.
Have a great spring and summer guys!
By the way, spring has sprung down this way

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:06 pm
by Woodserson
fisheater wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:45 pm

I will see if I can get by with a Gamme, Falketind, and Tindan before I buy anymore skis.
This seems like a great minimalist quiver, actually. Everything is covered in terms of BC skiing.

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:36 pm
by Nitram Tocrut
Wondering if anyone else has opinions on this topic? Actually the comparison is based on previous models and they both changed this year...

I do have the new Rabb 188cm and the FT 172 Cm for my wife. I tried them both and I see a major difference for XC performance. I knew before buying the Rabbs that they were not proper XC ski but for what I do the new FT seems to have way better XC performance. That is not surprising considering what Crister of Asnes wrote about those redesigned skis.

Can anyone comment on this year Rabb vs FT or simply on the FT? Don’t get me wrong, the Rabbs are really good skis but I’m my opinion better used for yoyoing without much skiing to get to the hill. I must mention they ski better with skins but still the FT are better suited even without skins.

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:19 pm
by fisheater
Nitram, I read closely what Crister had to say about the FT redesign and it was focused on flattening the heavily rockered tail. I’m personally happy I have the old almost twin tip version as I want to learn how to land a Fakey al la Telemark, before I hit 60 ! ;)
What you can expect from the FT is decent cross country performance as long as you have a few inches of soft snow. If you are running hardpack trails the was pocket will drag. I would much rather kick along on a hardpack trail with my FT than my old S-112. However if conditions are that hard I would rather just kick along my rolling hills going as fast as I can on my Gamme. You know what I mean, Green Man skiing can’t be that much different than cruising the E-99’s.
Saw your add. That is a good price, well worth a couple of extra holes in a ski. It may be helpful to tell people the type of binding you had mounted. It will give folks an idea of what they will be mounting around.
Happy winter, looking forward to more photos of your beautiful corner of Québec.

Re: Asnes Falketind 62 versus Rabb 68

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 2:13 am
by Johnny
Nitram Tocrut wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:36 pm
Can anyone comment on this year Rabb vs FT or simply on the FT?
The new Rabbs are the same as last year. The redesign comment Crister made was referring to the old FT68, which is slghtly different from the current 68s. The Rabbs are *totally* different from the previous ST68 though...

About the 62's, I have both the new and the previous versions. I could always check the flex difference at my warehouse (read: my dad's place) but it wouldn't help you much since the white ones are discontinued... 8-)