New rig: Praxis Protest, TTS, Scarpa TX pro

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New rig: Praxis Protest, TTS, Scarpa TX pro

Postby BAKER1 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:11 pm

One day on this new set up confirmed; the new Praxis Ultra Light lay up is just that. It feels like a close cousin to the DPS pure 3 layup without the aluminum-baseball-bat ping and hundreds cheaper. Out of the wrapper, mounted with TTS and on the slushy suncupped glacier within 5 days-- YAY. The boots, bindings and skis worked very well together. So well that we're talking a 30 meter radius lightweight powder ski in completely "wrong" summer conditions and loving it. Tele SLAAAARVVVVE in the slush any turn size wanted.

Weight: to put this all in perspective, 187 cm Praxis Protests (128 mm underfoot) with TTS weighed only one pound more than my GF's 146cm Atomic Centurys (100mm underfoot) with Voile switchbacks. Insanely light, but they still held up to slush. Highly recommended

Boots: Great stuff and light compared to my old Garmont Energys, but made for people with fashionably slim calf muscles. No problem driving the big skis.

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