Boot Review: Crispi Lofoten 75

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Re: Boot Review: Crispi Lofoten 75

Post by bgregoire » Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:35 pm

fisheater wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:00 am
I ski an Alaska BC, it’s a great boot and system. However for me I think the limit is skinnier skis. Bottom line my life is good, two systems for different skis. ..., but what about my skis that I want to tour on lighter than my Ski March boot? What if I want a stiffer boot like the Ski March to ski spring trails with challenging downhills. That couldn’t work in my mind until now. Yes, I have been interested in both the Rifugio and the Antarctic, but it was interest. I could not imagine my only 75mm leather the Ski March offering kick and glide performance of my Alaska BC. Now you write that you swapped out the Ingstad to 75 mm???
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I've got a few BC skinnies with both bindings, and I must say the NNNs don't get out as much as they'd like nowadays.

So what if the the duckbill tears out after 50 full days of skiing. You can always get a new pair. Or go with the Refugios and be free for the next 15 years.
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Re: Boot Review: Crispi Lofoten 75

Post by lilcliffy » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:20 pm

The lacing system on this boot sucks.
If you look at the photo- you will notice that it does not have a lace cleat at the instep- just above the instep strap- IT NEEDS ONE.
I don't get it...
The Crispi Svartisen has the EXACT same lower lacing system + instep strap- yet it has a lace cleat at the instep:
At least for my foot- I simply cannot get the Lofoten laced up properly- my heel lift is atrocious and brutal- the only way to hold your heel in place with this boot is to clamp down the instep strap to the point of pain- both across the instep and on the sides of the foot! I am glad I paid a clearance price for it.

Note- I have a small volume foot with a narrow ankle- this boot could be fine with a different shaped foot?
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