19/20 Madshus Panorama M55 Intelligrip Transition ski - initial impressions

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19/20 Madshus Panorama M55 Intelligrip Transition ski - initial impressions

Post by WildlifeBio » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:06 am

This will be quick, as I’ve only returned from my first trip on these skis. My intent in purchasing these is general XCd touring, with a focus on stability, speed, and versatility on both tracked and untracked Forest Service roads in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Already having both a dedicated track ski (Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip in 210cm (80-95kg)) and a wider off-track mixed touring ski (Fischer Excursion 88s in 189cm), the collective wisdom here pointed me toward a full-length E99-class ski to fill the gap. It appears almost impossible to purchase a waxable E99 in the US at the moment, however. This M55, a distant descendant of Madshus’ famed Glittertind, seemed to be a good alternative.

Unfortunately, I lack the familiarity so many of you have with various ski models to provide a slew of useful first-hand comparisons. Of the skis I have available to me at the moment, none is in the same class. But they’re what I have as references, so here we go.

Key Specs:
  • Sidecut: 68-55-62
  • Length: 205 cm (available in 180, 190, 195, and 205)
  • Edges: Full-length steel
  • Base: Sintered, fully waxable (with port and recess for Transition skin)
Key Info:
  • Me: 6’5” (196 cm) and 170 pounds (77 kg).
  • Mounted with Rottefella NNN-BC Auto bindings, with pin at the balance point.
  • Glide zones prepped with two hot applications of Swix BP88; glide waxed with SkiGo XC Orange (+1C to -5C)
  • Grip zone unprepped; tested with Intelligrip Transition skins in place (untrimmed)
  • Today’s test conditions: 32 to 34F (0 to 1.1C) air temps, no precip, and packed powder that was beginning to refreeze. Groomed tracks and packed trails with patchy debris from overhead trees.
Initial Thoughts:

Overall, I’m impressed. Conditions were poor, and while I generally dislike tours at or above freezing, these skis handled it better than I’ve experienced with other setups. My wife, on rented Madshus BC55s with waxless bases, fared far worse.
  • Kick was surprisingly good, particularly given the difficult conditions. The skins wetted through but continued to provide solid traction. Didn’t require much more focus wrt technique than my Excursion 88s, and quite a bit easier than my Terrasonics.
  • Climbing ability was good and noticeably better than what I was getting earlier in the week from my 88s (Offtrack Crown) in colder, drier conditions.
  • Glide was better than I anticipated, despite the misjudged temp range. I imagine that a dialed-in glide wax and proper kick wax job (in lieu of skins) would improve things further still.
  • Downhill speed was impacted by the skins, but perhaps no more so than a waxless pattern. Removing them altogether would make the most sense, but see below. Downhill control was ok considering their dimensions but wanting compared to my shorter, wider, and shapelier 88s.
I’m looking forward to testing them out in a wider range of conditions, but definitely promising so far.

One area of concern: The peg used to secure the leading end of the skins fits extremely tightly in the recessed port. Removal is difficult, and any excessive stress on the point where the peg protrudes from the skin appears likely to result in tearout. My first attempt significantly weakened that junction. My second attempt, despite great care and on the other ski, caused it to fail completely. This area of the skin, and perhaps the recessed fitting on the ski as well, needs additional thought and refinement (or a complete redesign) by Madshus. I used cyanoacrylate glue to reconnect the peg, which held during today’s tour. As a workaround, one might consider drilling out the recessed port to ¼” (or sanding down the peg slightly) to relieve that fitting.

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Re: 19/20 Madshus Panorama M55 Intelligrip Transition ski - initial impressions

Post by lilcliffy » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:55 am

Thank you very much for this most excellent and detailed review on this new ski!
I am very pleased to learn that Madshus is not abandoning their line of BC-XC skis.
I was also happy to learn that Madshus has joined the integrated kicker skin arms race- though I think abandoning their waxless-scaled bases is a mistake-
Kicker-skin inserts in BC-XCD skis with both smooth waxable and waxable scaled bases please!

I am sorry to hear that the kicker skin attachment system on this ski is a problem-
Though I am keen to hear more long-term reports on this ski- have you considered returning them under warranty?
Madshus will need to resolve this issue ASAP- otherwise they will lose all of their sales to Fischer and Asnes...

Regardless- please keep us posted on how you make out with this ski and on your Nordic ski touring adventures in general!
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Re: 19/20 Madshus Panorama M55 Intelligrip Transition ski - initial impressions

Post by Cannatonic » Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:49 pm

Not sure I'm OK with the rebranding - can we still call these Glittertind??? That was a great ski, hopefully these are the same on the inside. I would think they would cover the warranty issue if the pin breaks off.

It would make sense to offer this ski with fishscale - it looks like the E99 Crown does not come with Easy Skin. Only the Traverse/Excusion come with waxless and skin.
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Re: 19/20 Madshus Panorama M55 Intelligrip Transition ski - initial impressions

Post by picklesuit » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:55 pm

Finally got some good snow around here (southwest WA), and I'm suddenly thinking I need some new skis. I'm 5'9"/175cm and 165 lbs in my shorts. Oriented more towards kick-n-glide than turns, all ungroomed. I want to try this ski, but I'm guessing 205 might be a bit long for me? Looks like the 195s are sold out for the season. 200 is usually my preferred length, but mysteriously Madshus doesn't offer that length in this model.

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